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International Sunday Brunch @ Hilton

Read about their new and improved Sunday Brunch on a few food blogs and well it did entice me! So I suggested their Sunday Brunch for a birthday celebration :)

Here's the review!

Pictures of the spread first!

Dessert area!

Roasted prime ribs

Porchetta of Sucking Pig Roast

Roasted ocean trout | Sakura chicken

Milk fed lamb

This certainly caught 


Salmon, tuna, hokkigai, squid, scallop, octopus

Assorted appetisers/salads

Yellow tail sashimi

Oysters (Fine de Claire | USA | Canada)
Crayfish, prawns, scallops, lobsters, king crab legs, mussels

Indian mains


I was v eager to try their seafood and hoped it was good but sadly, it fell short of expectations. A little too fishy especially the oysters. The large ones are quite plump and a little less fishy vs the rest. Lobsters tasted quite stale, not much taste actually. Crayfish was okay.

The head chef brought this to our table 
Slow cooked eggs with mushroom bolognese
The poached egg was okay, the mushroom bolognese tastes like the bolognese sauce for pasta haha. Mixing them together mmm goes okay-ish well I think! Doesn't really gel very well but neither is it weird.

Pasta w crabmeat and tomatoes

This was quite good. Again delivered by the head chef. 

Sashimi was quite good! Not cold enough though

Mushrooms well weren't nice sadly :/ hard and not fragrant.
The edamame was okay
Lobster x caviar salad (background) was quite good 

This was some mixed juice that was v refreshing! Would drink this again!


Sorry I realise I didn't take photos of my Indian food plate! Basically the butter chicken is good, the dhal was thicker than what I'm used to but still good. 3 types of naans freshly baked on the spot saffron, butter, spinach naan. They were all still crispy and hot when I took them! Not sure if you can taste their flavours cos I ate mine with dhal and it was so good I went for seconds :)

My friends also tried the roasted pork (siobak) and said it was okay. There's also roast duck + charsiew available but we did not try

I tried the seafood stew which was well not much taste but seafood was fresh.


The head chef gave us this squid ink waffle + miso hollandaise + bottarga + iberico ham. Honestly it had a very strong butter taste. Cant taste the squid ink. Waffles was very soft. 

My friend really liked the white chocolate truffle (bottom right photo)

This is my plate and what I tried was:

Dark chocolate mousse with chocolate crumble: the crumble on top idk why, can't really tell that its a crumble when you eat it. There's also another layer below and that one is more crunchy like crumble! Mousse is not bitter enough to be called dark chocolate imo.

Baileys cake: NO TASTE OF BAILEYS. You'll never know you're eating a baileys cake. Cake was a dry as well.

Chocolate raspberry tart: the raspberry seems to be the raspberry on top of the mousse cos the mousse itself didn't have raspberry. The mousse's texture was hard so a bit difficult to eat this tart. The tart shell separated very easily from the mousse as well. Mousse is more towards the bitter side of chocolate.

Chocolate hazelnut praline cake: this was very good. Extremely crispy layer of praline below layers of lusciously yummy chocolate mousse! A mix of milk + dark chocolate I think. We had seconds for this and wanted more :)

Our make shift cake for our friend :) Haha

The macarons pictured here are the same ones as the ones I raved about from Lime (click the word lime for the full review of the macarons + cross section photos) hence these were damn yummy too! My friends J and V both love them too :) 

One thing I must really really applaud is the staff here. SUPER good service! First the head chef walks around to make sure everything's okay and well displayed. Then he goes around talking to people. Randomly cracking jokes with people/helping out. Bringing food to people's table for them to try. (Y) then our server was super super friendly omg. She was very polite, cleared our plates on time, topped up our water. And read this, it was the epitome of good service. 

We were talking about getting more macarons and debating whether to or not, so she heard us while wanting to clear our plates. So she went over to the macarons and wanted to get us 1 macaron of each flavour and bring it to our table!! Luckily we stopped her in time because we were still undecided haha. But we were v touched and v impressed :) 

Ambience: tables well spaced, ok ambience!

Food: seafood was a letdown. Mains: western + indian that was the focus. Barely any chinese/thai/malay etc other kinds of food. Dessert: chocolate and cheesecake. Barely anything else. I find that the dessert spread quite unusual to focus so much on chocolate! Ice cream was chocolate, everything was chocolate. Also from the food blogs, there were so many egg options to choose from and there was an egg ala carte menu thingy + some chinese dishes menu presented to them for them to choose from BUT we weren't given any of the sort. Also from their menu on, it says there's pan roasted foie gras but we didn't see any no chinese specialities, no live station of crepes & waffles, no lemon tarts, no assorted eclairs. I know online menus are just a rough guide and they don't usually follow it but the menu besides what I've pointed out, is otherwise the spread that we had.

Checkers Brasserie Sunday Brunch
Hilton Hotel Lobby
I have NO idea why but our brunch was $80++ with juice, coffee, tea free flow but on the website it says $108++ for what we had! Best to check w the restaurant I feel
Book online at

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