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Wan Hao Dim Sum Buffet Brunch

Happy new year everyone!!!!

Hope its been a great start :) May 2013 be even better for y'all! My year started off being quite shitty, but I'm determined it'll become better :) So to everyone out there experiencing some shitty days, situations, do not give up! Believe in yourself and know that no matter what, you're stronger than you think.

Okay so on to where I had my 1st meal of 2013!!! And well, this plays a small tiny role in why I said my year started off quite shitty haha cos my 1st meal wasnt that great!!!! Well I only have myself to blame since I booked it like way last minute, like 2 days before or sth haha so the places I really liked were alr full! I did a super quick google search and came to a conclusion that Wan Hao should be not bad so I gave them a call and settled for lunch there on 1st Jan for brunch.

What greets you when you walk in.

Okay for the dim sum brunch, its ala carte, so there's a menu for you to choose from. All dishes can be ordered any number of times except otherwise stated. And here's the menu! (Once again, thank you all readers who have commented that they really like it when I post the menu!! At least it makes taking pics of menus worthwhile haha)

All of the items on this page has crabmeat! Just a random observation. And the "bad" thing to me is that  in the whole menu, you can only find xiao long bao on this page, which means each person can only have xlb once! Kinda sad for me cos I love xlb!

Note that they DO NOT have egg tart :(

Limited to one serving per table!!

Black peppercorn sea whelk

Those are quite crunchy and well, tasty? Its the first time I'm eating this and I really like it!

Marinated duck wings, Teochew Style (didnt try this sorry)

Roasted pork belly

The skin's v crispy!

Steamed dumpling, crabmeat, mushrooms
(1 piece per person)

My parents and I couldnt find crabmeat in this at all! Was filled w mushrooms tho. Skin was not bad, not too chewy, but I'd like it to be a little lighter! 3.6/5

Sichua peppercorn crusted foie gras
1 serving per table

Barely able to taste any fragrance of the foie gras, done a little too well. Mushrooms stole the show in fact, cos they were so crunchy and delectable. 2.8/5

Steamed egg custard bun, melting egg yolk

This was bad. The 2nd pic is whats left of the filing aft I bit into the skin!!! Didnt even taste any of the filling in my 1st bite. Lack of filling + a rather thick exterior? No no. Not even gonna rate it.

Deep-fried beancurd roll, crabmeat

Didnt eat this but parents didnt say anything so am assuming its average

Steamed sea bass, Chef's specialty sauce

The sea bass was a little overcooked, didnt really taste that fresh. Sauce is a little spicy. 3/5

Siew Mai (with shrimp)

This one can be ordered repeatedly, but the one w crabmeat cannot! Oh just realised I forgot to take a shot of the one w crabmeat!! Ok generally the siew mais are good, very crunchy, and well idk but refreshing comes to mind haha. The one w crabmeat has quite a lot of crabmeat at the bottom! But I'd say not much difference in terms of taste haha. 4/5

Steamed xiao long bao, crabmeat, chicken
1 piece per person

This was average, crabmeat cant really be tasted though it can be seen! 3.6/5 

Steamed chicken, frog leg, Chinese sausage

Didnt try this as well but parents said this is not bad

Fragrant lotus leaf rice, Chinese sausage, in dim sum basket

Dont be mistaken, this isnt glutinous rice! Its more of a fried rice? Not very aromatic so says the parents.

Stir-fried scallop, shrimp, celery, capsicum, spicy sauce

Firstly, this wasnt spicy at all. Secondly, the scallops were really rubbery, not nice at all. Prawns were v crunchy and enjoyable though. Veggies were normal. 3.6/5

Steamed carrot cake, Chinese sausage, conpoy

Can really taste the carrot! This was not bad! Nice change from the usual pan-fried carrot cake 3.5/5

Braised Chinese Cabbage, assorted mushrooms

Normal dish, sorry its blur though! 

Stir-fried asparagus, sweet bean, preserved beancurd sauce

Sauce is barely discernible, veg were all ok.

Pumpkin, mandarin orange peel, sago

I didnt try this because towards the end I wasnt feeling well and didnt have any appetite, but dont think this was anything spectacular! Did taste like pumpkin tho according to Mom! This is the ONLY dessert on the menu. Very unsatisfactory if you ask me in terms of choice.

Service was okay. There was a terrible miscommunication about the number of baskets of siew mais we ordered though. I think they make it on the spot or sth because the rate at which our desserts were served was SO slow even though it wasnt full house! 

I feel that at $33++ (about $40 per pax aft taxes etc) its well, arguably okay but I wouldnt go back because I'd rather pay more for better quality food!

Wan Hao Restaurant
3F Marriott Hotel 
Dim Sum Buffet - 2 seatings: 11am-1pm or 1.30pm-3pm (not sure if they have the buffet daily!)

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