Thursday, January 10, 2013


This restaurant has been on my list ever since it popped up on Facebook showing pictures of bread and saying that something will be opening soon! Finally had a chance to make it down to this restaurant after so long! This is by the folks behind Hummerstons.

The shop is not very big, but has a nice chillax atmosphere to it. Simple, some vintage items here and there, I especially love this green vintage sofa at the corner, and good food! John Mayer's constantly being played there too haha. Some of the tables are old sewing machines, kinda like Carpenter and Cook but less vintage-y look.

On to what they have to offer! Their menu is shown on their website, but I'll just put it here for easier reference! All pics are taken from their wordpress website which you can access here.

They also have a daily specials board and I saw pasta on that! 

Bread Platter with choice of 3 Dips

The good friend T and I decided to share this bread platter even though we just had lunch haha and we were pleasantly surprised! From top to bottom, the dips are:

1) Hummous Zaatar (Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon, zaatar spice, cashews): I think artichoke does a much nicer version as this doesnt really have as strong a flavour as artichoke's but it was still passable!

2) Romesco (Roasted red peppers, almonds, balsamic, garlic): this was my fav outta the lot I think! Slightly tangy, slightly grainy in terms of texture and a complex flavour that is hard to describe. Nothing v mindblowing though just a simple dip done really well.

3) Aged cheddar pimento cheese (oak smoked cheddar, scallions, roasted red peppers): this has a really strong cheese taste so beware! 

Breads: I think we were given baguette, a wholemeal one w sunflower seeds and sourdough. All 3 were toasted till their crusts were super crispy!! We really loved the bread! Just listening to it crack when one breaks it apart makes us so happy haha. Toasted warm as well so it was a real joy to it! Nice good bread here. 4.4/5

Maccha Jasmine Cake
$4.50 (I think it was $4.50 not v sure!)

The green tea flavour definitely shone through but not the jasmine though. Its kinda like a green tea cheesecake? The crust below is not your usual kinda crust but more crumbly and comes apart really easily. Overall, a rather enjoyable cake! 4/5

This is a nice place to chill or catch up with someone but its rather out of the way at Valley Point haha. Will most likely be back to try the salads!

croute by hummerstons
491 River Valley Road, Valley Point
Mon-Sun 9am-8pm

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