Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Post!

Hello everyone!

It's my first post on my new food blog(:

I've been having this foodie craze for about 2 years now, and I've visited lots of food places!! Researching extensively before I go to a restaurant for a meal, taking pictures and being superduper happy & satisfied after a yummy & satisfying awesome meal!

So I decided to create a food blog to share these awesome places with everyone so that you too can be happy when you've tried the food! (: I feel that food is really something that binds people in a special way, and somehow, good food makes you happy, so here goes! (:

Lunch at Cedele (Wheelock Place)

Mushroom Risotto

It was creamy, flavourful and everything we want in a mushroom risotto! (: Plus I think it was $16+ only? Definitely value for money! 4.5/5

Totally Veggie Burger - grilled homemade lentil & tofu, spinach burger dashed with roast beetroot red onion chutney, lettuce & tomato

Loved the patty cos of the crunch of the lentils and the wonderful red onion chutney below! (The thin layer of red stuff right at the bottom) 4/5

I can't resist Cedele's breads no matter how hard I try! This time I picked the wholemeal bread. At Wheelock, there's also the bread bar where you pay $1 for free flow of breads, olive oil & balsamic vinegar! I think its really worth it and I'm always refilling heh. Totally a bread person you see! I once ate 6 slices of their breads after a main course + dessert!

A MUST-TRY! This is their Earl Grey & Fig ice cream. Its eggless but you really cant tell that its eggless. Its studded with so many soft and yummy figs plus the aroma of the earl grey, this is really heaven in every bite! 5/5

We ordered their blueberry pancakes and ice cream (asked for the ice cream to be placed in a bowl) and decided that the pancakes were a little too unflavourful on their own and had to be accompanied by the ice cream. I don't know, I read quite a few reviewers saying that their pancakes are good, but I've had much better pancakes elsewhere (eg FFT) 2.5/5

We decided to walk over to Takashimaya's food basement because we were craving for more desserts and decided on Laurent Bernard's! We had cravings for Lemon Tarts and luckily LB sells lemon tarts!

Their lemon tarts are of the right tartness - not too sour and neither is it too sweet! The tart base is crispy, crumbly and buttery, everything we wanted in a lemon tart (: The ladies behind the counter were really friendly too! 4.5/5

The famous LB Choc tart! The chocolate was really smooth and thick and luscious (: You wouldn't feel sick eating it, so don't worry! This tart was a little thicker than the lemon tart's and we had to take the tart up and bite it in order to eat it instead of simply using the cutlery they provided. But! It was enjoyable nonetheless (: Afterall, who would say no to chocolatey goodness! (: 4/5

This is from Chocoelf. We tried their Durian Dark Chocolate Bar and found it really yummy because it wasn't very sweet and the taste of the durian was definitely distinct but not overpowering the chocolate! Plus, their chocolates are definitely healthy as no sugar's added and hello! Its dark chocolate!

They've got many other flavours like brown rice (I tried this and its really nice! Doesnt taste like brown rice, its like chocolate with rice krispies instead!), sesame (yummm), red wine, chilli, and many more! Go check out their website if you want!

We bought their mixed pralines - Chrysanthemum, red wine, tea, ginger, almond and macadamia for my parents and they commented that the flavour wasn't really very distinct except for tea. So I think their bars are better! And they're really cheap! Most expensive one is about $9.80 I think? And its a regular sized chocolate bar! So, go buy from them!

PS. They're not paying me or anything to advertise them.

Will be blogging more about the food I've had in the past few months!

Wheelock Place

Laurent Bernard, Chocoelf
Takashimaya Basement 1 Food Section


  1. Just realized your blog is now a year old, congrats!

  2. U r one rich person. Only review restaurant food. Middle up.. hv u ever try eating in hawker where it is crowded. Hot.. And sticky? They do provide lots of yummy food fyi.


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