Thursday, June 30, 2011

Au Petit Salut


So we woke up rather early last Saturday to go for lunch at Au Petit Salut which I've heard much about! They have set lunches and executive set lunches on weekends as well! Which is really value for money I think (: The boy ordered the executive set lunch and I've indicated what he ordered in my post as well. The rest are all ala carte!

Lobster bisque with lobster ravioli, herbs and parsley coulis

I must say, the soup was brimming with the taste of the sea! It was great and certainly one of the best I've had in Singapore! But it still doesn't beat The French Kitchen's! 4/5

Steamed Boston lobster, red grapefruit and avocado, herbs salad with tarragon dressing

Thick piece of lobster! The salad was really refreshing and it really awoken the palette! The grapefruit gave it a citrusy taste. It was a real delight eating this! 4.3/5

Bread rolls - heard from other bloggers that they're from Delifrance? We were only given this bread basket when we asked for it! Other tables which got there later than us already had their bread baskets and we were a little pissed. When we made an inquiry, they told us it was due to a private function upstairs.

Lobster Risotto with truffle and green asparagus, Parmesan shavings

First bite was mmmmm, pleasure!! It was a plate of creamy, heartwarming goodness! And the asparagus was fresh and crunchy, perfect contrast to the creamy goodness of the risotto! But sadly, after digging hungrily into the plate, I found a strand of hair at the bottom of the plate!! Alerted the waiter who promptly brought it back to the kitchen for it to be replaced

Homemade squid ink pasta with crab meat, tomato fondue (Part of executive set lunch)

We thought the pasta was a tad undercooked but the sauce was fab! 3.8/5

My lobster risotto without the hair! The whole risotto dish was flavourful, most importantly, it was not jia lat! Plus the lobster was quite a big one too! (: 4.3/5

Passionfruit souffle! This was part of the set that the boy ordered (: It was light and had a distinct passionfruit taste! We thought this was rather yummy but it paled in comparison to the other 2 desserts! 4/5

8 hours oven baked apple, light Calvados cream, vanilla and crumble

The apple sorbet on top was definitely refreshing and a clear palate cleanser! The foam was light and well, foam-y haha. Can't really rmb how it tastes like but it was interesting nonetheless! Reminds me of Tippling Club (: Below the sorbet was apples and nuts and a crumble topping which was good as well! 4.4/5

Sticky date and fig pudding, caramel and vanilla ice cream

This was the best dessert of the day! The cake was really moist and the taste was justttt right! Loved that the cake was studded with figs (I have a thing for figs btw :P) and the cake was gooey to the right texture! Awesome!! 4.6/5

The service was umm brisk and not very friendly, and we were quite annoyed about the bread basket as well. Also, when we asked for a change of table because the table they gave us was right nxt to another table outside. Though we were separated by a glass window, it was still too close for comfort. We were almost literally side-by-side!

And I realised haha, we had a really lobster-ish meal! But overall the food was great and we told ourselves we'd go back to try more of their dishes!

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Closed on Sundays
Lunch: 1130-1430
Dinner: 1830-2230
Tel: 6475 1976


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