Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Town Restaurant Fullerton Sunday Brunch!

I've been having this weird constant craving for buffets so I dragged the boy + his family and my mom to a Sunday Brunch I've yet to try! 

Have been reading a few one-liners about about Town Restaurant's spread but haven't read many proper reviews of the spread so here it is! Photos of the entire spread :) 

The cold seafood selection

Very good spread! Largest I've ever seen and most comprehensive. Generally good!

The Italian corner

Left to Right: pizza, live pasta station, mushroom risotto in parmesan, ready cooked pasta in 2 types of sauces

Mushroom Risotto in Parmesan wheel

The risotto was cold so it was quite icky since its cheesy and creamy.


This salmon was probably seared? Not sure how they cook it but the meat was BEAUTIFUL. It was so gorgeously soft and fragrant! I had many many servings of this

Assorted smoked fish

2 types of lobsters! The one on the right was sweeter imo (the boy + our moms thought so too)

Also like how they have 2 kinds of lobsters :)

assorted raw shells


The main cooked food area with a breakfast food area to the left and then malay food to the back

Breads! Love that they had a wide variety from savouries to sweet. There were 3 types of foccacias too which I really liked :) there was also banana bread, assorted multigrain/healthy loaves, croissants, tomato buns etc

This was a round table FILLED with cheese and this is 1/3 of the spread only! Love love their hugeass cheese spread :)

I had a taste of most of the cheese and honestly I loved them all :)

Assorted roast meats which we all thought looked great but disappointed in the taste/texture department

The siew mai was okay, a little too much meat for my liking but still okay!
Didn't try the other dim sum. These were the 2 dim sum items available that day as well as a chilli crab pau which I didn't try!

On to the Japanese area! this was slightly disappointing as there was only 4 types of fried food, assorted sushi (ok granted the sushi range was quite large), 2 types of sashimi, soba, miso soup

The sashimi wasn't cold enough as it was placed on the same white plates as the above. Also it is a little sad that there's only 2 kinds of sashimi!

On to the breakfast spread:

Eggs Benny on smoked salmon or spinach

The eggs benny was quite good!


Scrambled eggs w ikura

Frittata - this was okay
  Hash brown - very crispy!


Sausages, baked beans, omelette station (was v psyched there was an omelette station! Cos its my fav station for hotel breakfasts)

Assorted salads

They had potato salad, mixed mushrooms, pasta salad w lobster claw, and I can't remember what else! Oh DIY salad at the back too. The mushrooms were okay, not as flavourful as I thought they'd be!

Foie Gras w Balsamic Vinegar + Apple puree

This was THE BOMB. Replaced my fav foie gras from Basilico (since its standards dropped). I had so so so many servings of this!!! It was extremely well executed - crispy on the outside, melt in your mouth on the inside and most importantly this was very very well flavoured!!! With the thick balsamic, and the slightly sweet apple puree. Even my Mom who dislikes most foie gras dishes, loved this one! I would go back just for this (well the rest of the spread is v satisfactory too so.. works out well!)

Assorted keropoks (Crackers)
Chicken Curry

Live Burger making station!

Didn't want to lift up each cover to take photos but I remember whats in them!

Briyani, seafood mee goreng, grilled seabass w this cream sauce, grilled salmon, butter chicken, mashed potato, grilled chicken, grilled lamp chops, naan

Assorted grilled veggies

Grilled Lamb - the meat was tough


Seared scallops with mango coulis

This was good too! Same live cooking station as the foie gras :)


Photos of the dessert spread

Love how they have chiffon cake!!!! I've never seen this at buffets. The thing on the right is mango pomelo sago! Again I've never seen this dish at buffets! Below is mango crepe

Macarons - I thought they were so-so. Cant really tell the flavours. Shells not as crispy/chewy as I like them to be.

Mango mousse cake - this was okay

Chocolate shooter - its essentially choc mousse with crispy choc pearls - average

Choc cake w crispy base - this was good

Waffle - crispy kind of waffles with airy insides

Tiramisu (in front of waffles) - more mascarpone cream vs sponge fingers - a ratio I don't like

Choc tart + lemon tart - I generally don't like this kinda tarts cos the shell tends to be soggy and lousy which held true in this case.

Cinnamon cake - this one really had a strong cinnamon taste!

Service: very very good, prompt, friendly, lots of smiles, polite
Ambience: nice natural light, view of the Singapore River, space is not too cramped with the other tables, live music with good vocals! The musicians go table to table. Provide birthday cake + song
Food: generally good!! We were all v satisfied and impressed

Its now one of my top few buffets to go!

Town Restaurant Sunday Brunch
$108++ free flow drinks (Soft drink, tea, coffee, juices) - cheapest price for adults
You can have the free flow champagne option, but not sure how mud that is


  1. Great post! Find out which is the most economical Sunday Brunch in Singapore!

    Happy Travels Everyone!


  2. Wow that's a wonderfull blog having all details & helpful. sunday brunch singapore

  3. Just a question. Can you do a reference comparison with some of the other buffet options around town? How about the line at Shangri-La? Is it value for money?
    The price that you stated is for individual or was it the total damage for your outing?

    1. Hi cow138! I do have quite a few Sunday brunch reviews on my blog that you can reference here:

      edge pan pacific:
      I have also done a post on The Line here:
      Lime restaurant:

      Just to name a few. I have many other posts on buffet actually you can check them out if you want!

      Price stated is individual


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