Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Art of Sundays Brunch at Intercontinental Singapore

Hello everyone! 

Yes another buffet post :) With their revamped Sunday Brunch which looked promising, plus a $100 discount, I dragged the boy down for Sunday Brunch!

We were seated diagonally across the live singer who's voice was quite good I must say!

Now on to the spread! Sorry some photos are damn ugly haha

Cold seafood

Oysters! A few kinds 

More cold seafood!

Appetiser section

DIY salads

Japanese Appetisers

Japanese section - sushi

Soba x udon





Desserts part 2

Just some close ups of the desserts:

Complimentary Malay/Indonesian appetisers to start!

There's otak, some beef rendang, some fish curry and I can't remember what the rest were but they were all pretty good


Theirs was quite good, the lobsters are quite fresh and oysters were okay too.

Live station - eggs ben x poached egg w caviar

Live station - pasta cooking

Soft poached egg w caviar

Well barely able to taste the caviar. Nicely poached egg though haha

Roast Beef

I think this was chicken? Not sure sorry!

Pan seared foie gras x onion compote x crisp bread x balsamic

This was a really good rendition!! Fatty foie balanced by sweetness of onion + sweet/sour tinge of balsamic. The bread was really really crispy! Had many servings of this!

This live station can be found near the roast beef section. You just tell the chef how many you like then you can go back to your seat to wait for it/stand around/take other stuff while waiting for your plate of decadence :)

Took pieces of their cod fish, but it was a tad overcooked for me!

The boy had their ravioli with cheese which he said was not bad

Eggs Benedict

The chef put a bit too much hollandaise he felt and didn't really drain the vinegar water (used to poach the egg) away properly so it was a bit wet. 

Roasted pork

He said it wasn't too fatty but not that crispy either!


Don't really see this at buffets! This was a good rendition

Stewed clams

Very sweet broth, clams cooked just nice

Kueh Lapis
Chocolate Royale Hazelnut Crunch
Red velvet
Salted caramel tart
Chocolate pave

The 2 chocolate items in this photo are very similar in terms of taste + texture + components! Both with a mousse and crispy crunchy bottom layer. One was darker chocolate than the other I think it was the smaller one but I'm not sure! It was good though. Didn't try the rest on this plate because I don't like those items! The boy said the salted caramel tart was q good though

Floating Island on Sarawak Pineapple and Ginger Coulis

Fruits x macarons x cheese

They have quite a wide selection of fruits and from what I've chosen their standards are okay! The macarons are very mini (look at it compared to the grapes) so its not substantial enough for me! One mouthful and its gone haha. Was chewy though the shell, which is the kind I like

Generally I would say the variety is okay, a little bit lacking in the mains department. But otherwise the variety is not bad. Quality wise slightly above average.  We didn't really try everything at the buffet! There was also a crepe suzette trolley (but somehow, they never asked us) and a trolley making Irish coffee for you on the spot (quite nice to look at!). The spread is pretty much what I've pictured except for the mains department that had about 10 different mains. Half Western half chinese I would say.

Service was average-splotchy. We told the people who seated us that we weren't taking the champagne option, then another person came to ask us, later on we were poured champagne by another person. Sigh. Then when we presented our discount coupon, different people looked at it to see what it was and whether it was legit. Plates sometimes weren't cleared on time, had to be called over. Water as well. Sometimes hard to get their attention. The place wasn't even full. Chef at the eggs/pasta counter seemed a bit inexperienced/not confident. Wouldn't go back because don't think the spread/quality justifies the price!

Ambience: very nice place to laze the afternoon away with good music and a pretty colonial surrounding!

Art of Sunday Brunch
Lobby Lounge Intercontinental Singapore Level 1
$158++ unlimited champagne, cocktails, selected house wines, soft drinks, irish coffee
$128++ unlimited soft drinks + juices
$58++ per child 3-12years old

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