Monday, February 17, 2014


After returning from our Tokyo foodie trip, the boy and I had major major withdrawal symptoms!!! We had a great shabu shabu in Tokyo and I heard about this new Japanese shabu shabu place in Singapore with a menu that completely seduced us to try it that very night.

They're situated at cuppage terrace the Japanese food enclave and so we had a good feeling about it. We were led to the seats upstairs. The restaurant's feel was q Japanese with all the wooden furniture and walls. 

iPad ordering system

You are also given the menu so dont worry! Their menu can be found online here

Charcoal grilled chicken

This chicken was superrrrrr normal and totally not worth the price tag. It was a bit too salty for me and oily. The accompanying sauce went well with it, made it less salty + oily. 3.4/5

Chicken & Vegetables served in tomato pot
(for 2-3 people to share)

I felt this was good for 2 instead of 3 cos honestly it isnt a lot. The tomato soup was a bit diluted but it was tart and a little sweet. Ingredients in the soup: chicken, prawn, veg, mushrooms, cheese sausage, tomatoes, tofu, cabbages, leeks and I cant rmb/see if there's anything else!

This was q normal. OH! It came w cheese as an option of adding to your soup. There was also a bowl of collagen to add to your soup as well, felt like this doesnt change the taste of the soup! 3.9/5

The Sushi Falls

We had an AMAZING rendition of this in Tokyo and when we saw this in their menu online we knew we were ordering this. Sadly this wasnt what we were craving for. Firstly their sushi rice was sticky and wasnt fragrant at all, didnt like the cucumber maki rolls below at all. Secondly the crabmeat topping felt like it was the frozen kind. The ikura was okay. Negitoro (minced tuna) was okay only as well. Sigh was quite disappointed with this dish! 3/5

Freshly Made Hot Tofu Served with 3 kinds of salt or fish stock

This was recommended by our waitress and I'm glad we ordered it! The tofu actually made in a box that they'll bring to your table and then scoop up the home made tofu into the bowl for you. Then you're supposed to mix it w the 3 things on the side - bonito flakes, grated ginger & spring onions. I liked the tofu mixed with the 3 things!! Never thought this combi would work. Super fragrant! Had a warm, homey feeling to it as well. 4/5

Service was q okay there. Atmosphere wise, there was this big group of Japanese at the table opposite us so it felt kinda authentic! Food wise so-so. I think if you go there as a pure ladies group, you should order their ladies set menu which is really value for money imo!

43 & 43A Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace
Singapore 229463
Mon-Sunday 3pm-2am (bar), 5pm-2am (restaurant)

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