Monday, June 10, 2013

Burlamacco Restaurant

Hello everyone!

Today I'm gonna talk about this understated restaurant. My friends and I chose this restaurant to celebrate a birthday and my friend told them beforehand that we're celebrating a birthday (more about this later). So upon arriving, I was kinda shocked to see that we were the only other table! Maybe cos its in the CBD and it was a weekday. I certainly hope it has more people during other times!

We placed our orders with very friendly and helpful wait staff and were presented with mini baguettes as seen below. 

Given olive oil & balsamic vinegar as a dip. Didnt try the bread though but my 2 friends finished it! So I assume it should be quite good :)

The decor! Quite homely this part. There's a comfy sofa to the left when you enter as well

Brodo d'aragosta e granchio
Lobster bisque with crab meat

This one was not a bad rendition, it was kinda sweet for me but very rich in terms of flavours. 3.6/5

Battuta di tonno e avocado
Chopped red tuna & ripe avocado

This was highly recommended by the waiter and my friend J really loved it. I dont usually order this because I find that the avocado and tuna flavours kinda cross each other out so you cant really tell what you're eating. So I'm sorry but no comments on this one as I will give a biased opinion cos I already do not like the dish, nothing to do with the restaurant and the chef! 

Fegato d' anatra arrosto
Duck foie gras, caramelized onion & aged balsamic

This foie was not bad, but I would have liked a bit more seasoning? The piece is actually bigger than it seems here haha. 3.5/5

Risotto al nero di seppia
Traditional florentine black squid ink risotto

I have tried many many squid ink risottos in Singapore and I have to say this comes out as tops! Even though there's only squid in this risotto, you WILL NOT get sick of it cos the sauce is just SO DAMN GOOD. Its of the right consistency and has the right amount of squid ink taste in it so you know you're eating squid ink but its not overly salty! Wonderful stuff. I let my friends try it and they loved it too! I totally didnt mind that I only had squid as accompaniment. Loved this! Would surely go back for this. Must try if you're squid ink lover! 4.9/5

Merluzzo con patate e olive verdi 
Roasted cod fish with potato & green olives

J had this and I thought the portion was kinda small for the price but then again cod is always expensive. It was done nicely and she liked it! 4.2/5

Linguine all'aragosta
Linguine with lobster in spicy "arrabbiata" sauce

V had this and we all tried it. It was served piping hot with lots of smoke haha so it was certainly a signal for us to dig in!! I thought the sauce was a little watery, so didnt really coat the linguine well. Its spicy level is mild (I dont take spicy stuff) and well this was recommended to us but I dont think its that special! The sauce is flavourful though. 4/5

Crostata di cioccolato con gelato alla vaniglia
Chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream

This was what came out for us! Okay so in the end the restaurant didnt manage to get a bday cake for us even though they said they would and then they told us to order something from the menu and they'll put a happy bday thing on it for us which was what they did as seen above. We thought it would be with compliments, but no, they charged us for it. 

Anyhow, the choc tart was super good! We loved the thick yummy rich sinful ganache with the tart shell that was a little, just a little thin for me but I loved it nonetheless cos it was buttery crisp and good. All of us wanted to order somemore (okay 2 more) but we finished this and were too stuffed! The ice cream goes well with the tart, well it has been a timeless pair. Good to end off the meal if you dont mind something chocolatey! 4.5/5

Service: everyone was really friendly and funny, even the chef! 
Ambience: you've seen the pics! Tables arent that close either so its good
Overall: rather good food with good service, what more do you want!

Burlamacco Restaurant
77A Amoy Street
6220 1763
Mon-Fri 11.30-2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm
Sat 6.30-10.30pm
Closed Sunday

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  1. Bad service at Burlamacco. Please avoid if you are going there for the UOB credit card 1 for 1 offer. It is 1 free main per 1 credit card, not by per plate. The waitress and so called Malay manager was rude and unpleasant in their attitude when I disputed the bill. Wonder why I'm being forced to pay service charge when I'm not treated nicely as a customer and the restaurant is giving poor service. If Burlamacco is nasty to customers, then it's unfair to impose service charge.


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