Friday, June 8, 2012


A new cafe has opened in the Telok Ayer Street vicinity which is home to quite a few cafes. This cafe has a wholly different concept from usual cafes, it well, is kinda like a mini-sized supermarket (hence the name I suppose) but it sells a myriad of things. I can't help but wonder, do people actually buy these stuff from them or just come for the food?

I really love the entrance though, very unique, and chic :) The door doesnt really close properly though, so make sure you close it behind you!

Here's a peek into the interior of the shop and some the things on sale:

They also sell pasta!

The counter displaying the goodies of the day :) and its also where you order/pay!

I really like how the menu at Sprmrkt is different everyday (opens Mon-Sat) so there are different things you can try each day you go down! 

Wednesday - Apricot Tart

Please, if you're taking it away or eating this at home, you MUST heat it up!! Heat it up till its piping hot cos that's how ours came and it was delicioussss! At first when I wanted it as take-away, the lady asked if I wanted it heated up and I said no. On hindsight, that was totally a stupid decision 'cos I know that it won't be as good!! Its very fragrant, generous pieces of apricot, just the right amount of sweetness, perfect tart crust (a little crunchy but not overly so), hints of butter in the crust but not overpowering and the thin layer of custard in between the tart and the apricots make it so yummy! 

I really liked this :) 4.9/5

Friday has Carrot Cake!

I had high hopes for this aft the awesome tart but guess it was my too high expectations that led me to be slightly disappointed :/ It was a little dense for my liking, and there were chewy pieces of idk, maybe pineapple bits or something like dried fruit which I didnt really like. Overall, its okay but I think the tarts are much better!!! 3/5

The chef is really friendly, so is the other lady owner and the other stuff there :) There's not GST or service charge. The mains are like $10-20 I think and are served in this square box that gives me the beachside-shack feeling haha. Have yet to try their food yet, and that will be on my to-try list next! :) 

I just visited their website and read about their story and ohmyyy, the chef that I've talked to quite a few times comes from a quite amazing background! He's cooked at Les Amis group of restaurants followed by Waku Ghin. Now I'm q amazed, he's so amazingly humble, can't tell he's cooked for such top restaurants! (Not that Waku Ghin is top in my books 'cos my family went there on NYE and had their 400++ dinner menu and only the wagyu + desserts were stellar and worthy. But this is irrelevant.)

FYI , it's opposite Moo's Bar and Grill!

2 McCallum Street
Website (click for their menu!!)


  1. Nice find, somehow reminds me of Jones the Grocer


  3. sharon loves to huntOctober 20, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Great place to hangout on Sat. I had a good croissant breakfast. Portion could have been better.


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