Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

The chef used to be from Michelangelo's and since I've been a fan of Michelangelo's ever since the boy and I ate there 2 years ago (must keep reminding myself its the new year alr!), I decided I've got to try out his new restaurant located conveniently at Orchard Central! The menu is very similar to Michelangelo's!

Look at the difference

Complimentary focaccia bread 

Pan-seared prawns and scallops with caviar and lemon butter sauce

I thought the prawns were more nicely done compared to the scallops, they were very crunchy and fresh while the scallops were just, well slightly less yummy? Mm, not that perfectly well done I think. The sweet onion confit underneath the scallops were good, I think the caviar doesnt really do much for this dish because you can hardly taste it. 3.8/5

Fruitti De Mare

This is same as what Michelangelo has! You can choose your type of sauce, tomato/white wine/squid ink, and your type of pasta! It can be pasta or risotto. I have been to Michelangelo's I think at least 3 times? And all 3 times I've been eating this seafood squid ink risotto! So this time I decided to try something else and went for linguine instead! In my opinion, this is the MOST WORHT IT PASTA dish ever! Think its about 20+ or close to 30? But lemme tell you what it has:

2 mussels, NUMEROUS clams, more than 2 scallops, more than 2 prawns, squid, octopus. ALL V FRESH and cooked nicely!

Its like a seafood buffet in your bowl just that its cooked and in a delicious sauce! Here they give you much more sauce than Michelangelo's! I'm not sure if this is because its pasta and not risotto (risotto w lots of sauce is a bit weird) but anyway I certainly will never complain abt the sauce! As you can see, I finished every single last drop of it (or at least tried to) because it was that yummy imo! Its slightly salty like the sea, and I'm not sure how to describe it? But its just good! Best squid ink I've tasted and I've eaten quite a lot! Plus with the medley of seafood? Hands down best place for this I feel!

The boy kept kop-ing my sauce as well and totally agreed w me that its v yummy hehe  5/5

Taglioni with prawns and asparagus in cream cheese fondue

We were attracted by the "cream cheese fondue" and since we both love prawns (all 3 dishes have prawns!) we decided to order this! Sadly, it came w no asparagus and since we were super hungry we decided to not tell the restaurant abt it and just tuck in! The sauce was reaaaaaly cheesy/creamy so if you're looking for sth like that, you know where t find it! The boy didnt get sick of eating this cos he was craving for creamy stuff so yup! I dont know the ratings for this but he says it totally satisfied his craving so I'm assuming 4/5?

The desserts are those usual stuff you find in restaurants but heard the sticky toffee pudding's good? We decided to save our stomachs for Jewels Macarons that Oysterdiaries kindly recommended which I'll post about in my next post! (:

The service was a little sub-par, not friendly like I'd have expected because staff at Michelangelo are friendly. They give me the impression of being part-time waitresses that dont really know how to serve customers because they're still new at it and stuff. The restaurant was quite empty. Think they'd have to improve on their service. But I'll prolly be back for the squid ink pasta/risotto whenever I'm craving for it! And they have some 1-for-1 pasta promotion during lunch I think? Can call up to ask! (:

Covelli Italian
Orchard Central


  1. Looks yummy!!

    Did u have lunch or dinner? May I know how much on average u spend per person?

  2. @belinda-tang: i had dinner! Umm spent about 40+? Not too sure about that, but shld be around that price!


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