Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bunalun Brunch

Sorry for the lack of posts! Went for a holiday to the US and was left without internet! So can only start updating now! But the posts will be more frequent and regular because now I'm having holidays so, a lot of time to go explore & eat! (: 

Have been wanting to try their breakfast for quite some time and finally we had the chance! 

This is their brunch menu! Not sure if they serve brunch on weekdays though!

2 poached eggs with salad leaves and country bread toast $13

To me, I felt that this was actually quite expensive for something so simple? It was just plain bread w poached eggs. The yolk was runny, but not very runny. Overall, a really average dish that isnt worth your money. 2.5/5

Whole grain pancakes served with seasonal fruits and maple syrup $17

To me, the pancakes are too thick and a little too dense? I dont like the super thick and dense kind of pancakes, I like fluffy light pancakes! These resembles Wild Honey's pancakes and I didnt enjoy it. It was better with the maple syrup though. The boy, on the other hand, didnt mind this sorta pancakes. So I guess its a matter of preference once again! 2/5

Overall, I think its not a worth-your-money place for brunch/brekkie, and would rather recommend you to other cafes/restaurants for brunch that offers cheaper and tastier options. It's probably expensive because of organic products used I presume since their shop sells organic food.

Chip Bee Gardens

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