Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tong Heng Egg Tart vs Liang Chen Mei Dian Egg Tart

Tong Heng Egg Tart

The boy and I both agree that Tong Heng's is better! We like the thinner + flakier crust and the oh so soft custard!!! Its aroma is wow~~~ The boy and I always buy this whenever we go to Chinatown! MUST-TRY!!! Tastes nice whether its piping hot or not~ 5/5

Liang Chen Mei Dian Egg Tart

Well, its kind of just across the road! Haha the egg tart's considerably smaller compared to Tong Heng though its considered the usual size of egg tarts haha. Anyway this had a rather thick crust that we didnt like! 4/5


1 comment:

  1. The egg tart which you are holding in the above photo... is not fully baked. Can you see the white color near the bottom. If you do not believe me, go and buy it and cut into half, you will see the base flour and the egg in the center is raw..


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