Monday, August 1, 2011

dessert bowl

They provide up to date magazines for your reading pleasure! Ranging from women's to men's so dont worry!

Durian Mousse

Extremely great!!! There was a huge chunk of pure durian flesh right in the middle of the mousse. The mousse itself wasnt too sweet and certainly didnt overpower the strong taste of the durian which is a good thing!! Overall, a great dessert!! (: We all enjoyed it a lot! (: 4.5/5

Durian Crepe

Though its just a small piece, it was packed with pure durian flesh!! Didnt really like the crepe though but the durian flesh made up for it! (: We ended up putting this crepe into the mousse xD haha 3.8/5

Service is generally friendly and un-intrusive!

Serangoon Gardens

It's quite hard to find imo, but just walk past Sushi Tei then Guardian then turn right after the coffee shop and continue walking straight all the way till you see the sign in the first picture! (:

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