Monday, July 28, 2014

2 weeks old: Sela Restaurant!

We came across this restaurant while going for dinner at Tess Bar & Kitchen (review coming up!)

So after dinner at Tess Bar + Kitchen, we decided to hop over to try some of their dishes! Yes, I know you must be thinking "omg how much can these people eat" but well, date nights are meant for eating right? :)

The restaurant's setting is simple but beautiful imo, love that setup in the middle (although it is q common nowadays). Anyhow, there was only 1 other table while we were there. We asked the waitress how new they are, and she said 2 weeks old! 

Sorry the menu is a little blurry! 

They also have a drinks menu that I didn't take a photo of

Baked Miso Chilean Seabass, Edamame, Sweet Peas

This was the item on the menu shouting out to me and I ordered it though I was already full! Boy was I glad I did :) The fish was WONDERFULLY done. Cooked just right, it was fatty, tender, juicy, fragrant and oh so satisfying. The fish was marinated really well, and you can tell that its miso you're eating with the fish! Not many restaurants can achieve this. The miso was not overpowering the sweetness from the fish, don't get me wrong. It was a nice balance of flavours between the two! The skin of the sea bass was crispy and extremely fragrant with the miso! The ikura + sweet peas + edamame were mere additions to the wonderful fish. I did like the texture of bursting ikuras with the fish though! Oh yes there were also potatoes for your much needed carbs :) extremely good fish dish!!! Only wished it were bigger and I had an empty stomach haha 5/5

Pinenut crust lemon tart, fresh cream

So this caught my eye in terms of desserts. However it was a letdown :/ the crust was a little soggy for my liking, not crispy crunchy like the ones that I like. When eaten on its own, you can taste the pine nuts in the crust! But I must applaud them for their creativity though, using pine nuts :) The lemon curd had a little too strong an eggy taste for me so I didn't really like it but the bf thought it was okay! 3/5

Service was v friendly and good plus good ambience and relatively good food, I'll most likely be back!

Sela Restaurant
32 Seah Street
Mon-Sat 630-11pm

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Restaurant: Follia Italian Restaurant

Incidentally found this new Italian restaurant while browsing through some websites, and decided to give it a try 'cos its menu looked quite interesting! This restaurant took over Rubato's space at Clover Way. I've never been to Rubato so I cannot compare the food standards!

When we reached, we told the staff that we were dining in the restaurant and they promptly freed up a parking lot for us to park in front of the restaurant. Inside, it was relatively quiet when we reached with 2 other tables only and the restaurant's music was barely audible. However more people came after awhile so the silence wasn't that bad. Also, my partner and I just talked as per normal so the silence was okay for us.

We took our time deciding what to order in the rather vast menu and finally settled on the stuff shown below!

Pane Pizza all'Aglio
Fresh hand-streched pizza bread spread with garlic, mixed herbs, olive oil and sea salt & baked to perfection. Served with cherry tomatoes

This pizza bread was AMAZINGLY crispy. But it still retained a tad bit of chewiness and so the texture was a win in my books. Also led me to say "hmm I don't mind coming back here for pizzas" the garlic was fragrant and so were the herbs. Felt like garlic bread haha. This serving was far too much for 2 people and after awhile, the bread got cold, and got a bit boring. So I'd recommend this for 4 people instead! 3.2/5

Bisque di Aragosta
A rich & flavourful soup cooked with assorted crustacean stock, dressed with clams, mussels & fresh river shrimps

Soup: it was so SO rich omg! If this is really purely made with seafood then zomg how much seafood must they have used! It was really super rich! Bordering on too sweet haha.

The seafood: mmm overall freshness was okayish. Some mussels were a bit stinky. That pincer like leg's "thorns" were a bit too sharp for us. Also we had 1 prawn and then 1 flower crab! 3.2/5

Risotto Frutti di Mare e Zucca
Little neck clams, mussels, river shrimp, flower crab, squid & prawns, all sautéed together with garlic & onions, & cooked in white wine tomato sauce dressed on a bed of pumpkin risotto

Actually what attracted us to order this dish was the new pairing of seafood with pumpkin risotto! Okay so firstly the risotto: honestly its too wet. Felt like we were eating porridge! But it was flavourful and yummy. A drier version would've been much nicer though!

Seafood: once again it was okayish. All the seafood esp the flower crab + idk if it was a yabby/crayfish/lobster or what, anyway these 2 items turned v mushy. 3.4/5

Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia
Fresh homemade squid ink pasta, tossed with assorted seafood in a squid ink sauce dressed with char-grilled squid

I've been hunting high and low ever since my previous fav squid ink pasta dishes dropped tremendously in standards. So I was hoping very much that this would be THE one after so long. When the dish arrived, it looked super promising. Dark, murky, thick, fragrant sauce. I had great hopes :)

Next the pasta was made very thin, but flat, and the sauce coated the pasta wonderfully, I got yummy mouthfuls of the sauce each time I had the pasta and it was very easy to twirl it with my fork. I loved the pasta! The texture and the doneness was purrrrfect. However main gripe, TOO SALTY! But after awhile your taste buds just kinda adjust. But again, if it was less salty, this would've been purrrrrfecto! I loved the char-grilled squid and not just normal boiled ones. Adds smokiness to the dish and a bit of crispy with the crunch of the grill. The rest of the seafood was okay. 3.7/5

Orange & White Chocolate Fondant
Freshly baked-to-order & made with fresh orange, & served with vanilla ice cream & strawberry 

Honestly when this first came I was like whutttt such a small size?? It is quite pathetic in terms of size vs price. Also it was a tad overcooked and the "lava" took awhile to flow. There were real wedges of orange inside which is a new thing I suppose. Also the flavour is also a new one! Kudos to creativity :) Did it work? I felt that the taste was okay a little bordering on cough syrup-ish but still okay! 3.1/5

 Dark Chocolate Tart

I'm sorry I don't know how much this costs because it was a special item (i.e. not on the menu) and I threw away the receipt + I didn't look at it so I dont know the price! They have a lemon tart on the menu for $7.90 so am assuming it should be around the same price? Haha. 

The tart: the chocolate was wonderfully dark which I loved. The crust was v thin but wasn't soggy which I initially thought it would be! It held up the thick chocolate ganache well and was still crispy! 
The ice cream: vanilla flavoured but barely any vanilla taste. Instead there was this artificial taste so I barely touched the ice cream and let the boy finish it for me. 
Overall: 3.5/5

Service was good, fast, polite. A couple that sat down before us were told of the daily specials from the menu, a family that sat down after us were also told the same thing. However we weren't told such a thing. Also, when the staff asked if we wanted to have desserts, we said yes and he brought over the menu but didn't tell us the dessert special. It was only after awhile did a lady come up to us and tell us about the chocolate tart. And boy was I glad she did :) 

Ambience: just a very basic simple set up of dark tables + chairs and then a bar at the corner that's about it. Decor wise plain + simple. 

Food wise: Average Italian food! But creative menu that doesn't follow the norm which I admire! There are some more dishes that I would want to try and if I want to go for italian somewhere near and don't mind some okayish food then I would come back again to try the other items and hopefully it'll be better than what I've already tried!

Follia Italian Restaurant
Mon, Wed-Fri, Sunday: 11.45am-3pm, 6-11pm
Saturday: 3-11pm
Closed tuesday
You can book via as well

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Art of Sundays Brunch at Intercontinental Singapore

Hello everyone! 

Yes another buffet post :) With their revamped Sunday Brunch which looked promising, plus a $100 discount, I dragged the boy down for Sunday Brunch!

We were seated diagonally across the live singer who's voice was quite good I must say!

Now on to the spread! Sorry some photos are damn ugly haha

Cold seafood

Oysters! A few kinds 

More cold seafood!

Appetiser section

DIY salads

Japanese Appetisers

Japanese section - sushi

Soba x udon





Desserts part 2

Just some close ups of the desserts:

Complimentary Malay/Indonesian appetisers to start!

There's otak, some beef rendang, some fish curry and I can't remember what the rest were but they were all pretty good


Theirs was quite good, the lobsters are quite fresh and oysters were okay too.

Live station - eggs ben x poached egg w caviar

Live station - pasta cooking

Soft poached egg w caviar

Well barely able to taste the caviar. Nicely poached egg though haha

Roast Beef

I think this was chicken? Not sure sorry!

Pan seared foie gras x onion compote x crisp bread x balsamic

This was a really good rendition!! Fatty foie balanced by sweetness of onion + sweet/sour tinge of balsamic. The bread was really really crispy! Had many servings of this!

This live station can be found near the roast beef section. You just tell the chef how many you like then you can go back to your seat to wait for it/stand around/take other stuff while waiting for your plate of decadence :)

Took pieces of their cod fish, but it was a tad overcooked for me!

The boy had their ravioli with cheese which he said was not bad

Eggs Benedict

The chef put a bit too much hollandaise he felt and didn't really drain the vinegar water (used to poach the egg) away properly so it was a bit wet. 

Roasted pork

He said it wasn't too fatty but not that crispy either!


Don't really see this at buffets! This was a good rendition

Stewed clams

Very sweet broth, clams cooked just nice

Kueh Lapis
Chocolate Royale Hazelnut Crunch
Red velvet
Salted caramel tart
Chocolate pave

The 2 chocolate items in this photo are very similar in terms of taste + texture + components! Both with a mousse and crispy crunchy bottom layer. One was darker chocolate than the other I think it was the smaller one but I'm not sure! It was good though. Didn't try the rest on this plate because I don't like those items! The boy said the salted caramel tart was q good though

Floating Island on Sarawak Pineapple and Ginger Coulis

Fruits x macarons x cheese

They have quite a wide selection of fruits and from what I've chosen their standards are okay! The macarons are very mini (look at it compared to the grapes) so its not substantial enough for me! One mouthful and its gone haha. Was chewy though the shell, which is the kind I like

Generally I would say the variety is okay, a little bit lacking in the mains department. But otherwise the variety is not bad. Quality wise slightly above average.  We didn't really try everything at the buffet! There was also a crepe suzette trolley (but somehow, they never asked us) and a trolley making Irish coffee for you on the spot (quite nice to look at!). The spread is pretty much what I've pictured except for the mains department that had about 10 different mains. Half Western half chinese I would say.

Service was average-splotchy. We told the people who seated us that we weren't taking the champagne option, then another person came to ask us, later on we were poured champagne by another person. Sigh. Then when we presented our discount coupon, different people looked at it to see what it was and whether it was legit. Plates sometimes weren't cleared on time, had to be called over. Water as well. Sometimes hard to get their attention. The place wasn't even full. Chef at the eggs/pasta counter seemed a bit inexperienced/not confident. Wouldn't go back because don't think the spread/quality justifies the price!

Ambience: very nice place to laze the afternoon away with good music and a pretty colonial surrounding!

Art of Sunday Brunch
Lobby Lounge Intercontinental Singapore Level 1
$158++ unlimited champagne, cocktails, selected house wines, soft drinks, irish coffee
$128++ unlimited soft drinks + juices
$58++ per child 3-12years old
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