Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crystal Jade Dining In

My family and I had dinner here before a movie last Saturday! Though there were a few hits, I believe Crystal Jade Dining In still serves quality Cantonese food (: Oh yes, we didnt make a reservation for Sat dinner and were still shown a table after about 5mins wait cos they had to clear a table.

Mom wanted to eat some prawn crackers so she asked the manager (who was serving us) if he could get some for us and he happily agreed to do so! Talk about good service (:

Siu Yok (Roasted Pork)
Mom said she found the meat too soft for her liking though the skin was crispy, she said cos the meat was too soft, it was too jia lat for her after 1 piece.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup

This soup had a good flavourful base, chockfull of ingredients like sharksfin, mini abalone, crabmeat, fish maw, etc seafood stuff! Parents loved the soup! I didnt drink it cos there's sharksfin inside so I cant give any comments.

Double-boiled crab claw soup with superior mushroom in fresh coconut

Now this was GOOOOOD!!! The coconut was so young, its flesh so tender and sweet! Havent had this kind of coconut in AGES. My parents both agreed the flesh was super soft and sweet and good!!! A MUST-TRY I must say! The crab claw given was rather meaty as well! The soup had a tinge of the sweet coconut flavour, the wonderful taste of seafood and freshness from the vegetables inside! (Cabbage and mushrooms!) I believe the cabbage made the soup taste good as well (: Needless to say, I scraped off every last bit of coconut I could! :D 4.5/5

3 kinds of fungi & 3 types of fungus with sea cucumber

I forgot what the name of this dish exactly is, but its something along these lines and they really did give us 3 types of mushrooms, and 3 kinds of fungus! Plus huge slabs of sea cucumber as well! Overall, a well-executed vegetable dish in a Chinese restaurant, as I'd expect! 4/5


Now this is was definitely the high-light of the meal! The size of the abalone was HUGE, I know I should have compared it to something in the picture so y'all can tell how big it was, but trust me it was big, like around the size of a rice bowl!!! And to our surprise, despite it being so big, it had depth in flavour with each bite unlike some abalone we've eaten at other restaurants. A check with the manager said that they boiled the abalone for idk how many hours (forgot, sorry!) twice or sth to make sure the abalone fully incorporates the flavours of the broth. I totally agree!! And the abalone wasnt overly chewy, it had a good soft-firm ratio! Great great dish! 4.7/5

Australian Lobster in Chinese Wine

Now this was rather disappointing :( The lobster flesh wasnt sweet and a little overcooked, it was a little too chewy and tough. Average or slightly below average dish at best. 3.4/5

The service was not too bad, with the staff being really friendly and polite though sometimes they had problems coping with the many tables requesting for their service such that service is slow sometimes.

Overall, the reason why Crystal Jade is so successful IMHO, is that they provide generally good quality Cantonese/Chinese dishes at a wide variety of price ranges that caters to different customers + the good service and its reputation. Crystal Jade Dining In is so different, pop in if you feel like having a decent/slightly above average Chinese meal!

Crystal Jade Dining In

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