Monday, August 1, 2011

Obolo - 12 mini cakes in a shot!

Walked past Obolo at myVillage and they were having a 50% promotion for their petit fours. 2nd box of 6 at 50% off!! So the boy and I bought 2 boxes and immediately set out to finish all 12 of them though we just had lunch + desserts! :D We're such hardcore dessert fans (:

Lemon Meringue
Lemon cream and caramelized Italian meringue

This was great!! Sour lemon curd, but not too sour so dont worry, great tart base! Yummm (: 4.3/5

Kyoto Uji green tea infused baked cheesecake

The green tea was quite prominent which is a good thing! (: Though the cheesecake base was quite thin as you can see.. Haha. But not a bad rendition nonetheless! 3.5/5

Dark, chocolate mousse, crunchy praline feuilletine

This was good! Though I'd expect such a classic cake to be well-managed by any pastry/bakery! The crunchy base was good and the mousse was smooth and not cloyingly sweet! 4/5

Mango creme, mango mascarpone mousse, mango gelee

This provided a good contrast to the heaviness of the cakes we had so far! The mango was a little sourish, but sweet at the same time. A smooth yummy cake! 4/5


This was bad - not well-soaked at all, hardly any rum taste. Do not try if you like your tiramisu 1.3/5

New York
Classic creamy baked cheesecake with a hint of lemon

The cheesecake was good!! Though I couldnt taste lemon. The creaminess wasnt cloying and it went down well. The base here was slightly thicker than the green tea one, so it was good! 3.6/5

Le Cassis
Blackcurrant ivoire mousse, dark chocolate mousse

The blackcurrant layer was good, which made this cake really unique! Sourish taste from the blackcurrant then a bit bitterness from the chocolate, nice unique twist to the usual chocolate cakes! 4/5

Chocolate-salted caramel
Salted caramel cream, dark chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze

The base was really really good!! Think they do quite a good job for tart bases! The chocolate salted caramel was not too jia lat, and not too sweet either! It was just the right texture! 4/5

Mango Passion
Mango & passion fruit infused baked cheesecake

The mango & passion fruit taste was quite mild, we didnt finish it cos felt a little jia lat by now 2/5

Raspberry chocolate mousse, crunchy chocolate feuilletine, raspberry gelee

The raspberry layer was great!! Sour and tangy, then as usual the base of the cake was good, and the chocolate mousse was great! So this cake gained the thumbs up from us! 4/5

Salted Caramel

This felt a little jia lat for us, so we took a bite and didnt finish it. But it could've been due to the many cakes that we've tried in a shot! 2/5

Foret Noire
Dark chocolate mousse, vanilla bean ivoire mousse, raspberry dark cherry gelee

This had a mish-mash of flavours that went really well together!! Cant quite describe the mix of tastes, a wonderful way to end our "cake tasting" session!! Note: doesnt taste like a normal black forest cake though I expected it to be so! 4.2/5

So to sum up, I'd stay away from their cheesecakes, go for their cakes w chocolate + their lemon meringue tart!

Obolo Estudio
Serangoon Gardens

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