Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spanish Promotion at Carousel

Spanish guest chef, Esmeraldo Oteruelo (a very friendly and cute ol' chef) is here at Carousel to showcase his dishes such as seafood paella! There are different types of paella on rotation but its always a seafood one and a vegetarian one on offer! There are also Spanish touches here and there in the buffet, like appetisers & starters that have a more Spanish slant like lentils, beetroot, potatoes, grilled veg, churros etc. Also the tags have Spanish names! Makes it more Spanish-like :)

Orange Olive Oil cake in the foreground: ok only, passable
Lemon tart in the back left: Not your usual tart w curd, this is more like a tart shell w hints of lemon
Plum & apricot tart to the right: this was good, though a thicker and crispier shell would've been better!

Baked stuffed apples to the left: okay-ish, I didnt really like it
Cake w hazelnut spread +  hazelnut on top: this was q good!

The green cake tasted weird to me
Cheesecake at the back was good w the berries

Cold seafood

Oysters - q fresh cos the chefs were shucking them at the back but not all sweet
Mussels, clams, some unidentified shells, crabs, all not bad!! Quite good spread :)

The whole atlantic salmon in the foreground was superb! Fresh and sweet and soft :)
Lobsters at the back were good too, some had lots of roe!!!

Dates (I assume medjool the most common ones?) and these were yummy!!!! Sweet but not overly so :) couldnt stop munching on these

Lobster and the eggs + salmon!

Appetisers - smoked duck, beef etc


Sashimi - salmon, swordfish, tuna, octopus and idk whats in front but all very sweet, thick cut and fresh!


Salads - lentils, couscous, Spanish orange, beetroot

I loved this paella more than the seafood one! It was more flavourful and drier for me

Vegetable stew in the left background
Baked sole fish in the foreground
This v interesting sweet & savory pie in the right background - contains minced duck and chicken in a sweet cinnamon-y pie! V interesting!!

Some local dishes on offer, there was also cereal prawns, glutinous rice, chicken feet (As in the dimsum kind), bak kut teh, kueh pie tee, chicken rice, duck rice, Indian station w curries and prata, chinese soups

Fried carrot cake

Churros! The boy said this was v good! Freshly made on the spot

Mains on offer. There was also lamb shank, duck confit, fish, this savory puff pastry and vegetables

Lentil soup on the left was not bad! They also had bandung for you to drink!!

Chocolate pudding - a little dry I think! There's also bread & butter pudding here, purple rice w longan too

Fruits - watermelon, rock melon, honey dew, grapes, longan, guava etc

That flowery thing was made on the spot too along w the churros and it tastes like the CNY fried thing we have. 

There's a credit card promo, 15% on weekdays and 10% on weekends so if you go on a weekday its abt $78 aft discount including gst & service charge. I think the price is kinda ex for the food so make sure you spam the cold seafood!!! 

Royal Plaza on Scotts
Spanish Promotion ends 18 Aug
$78++/person before discount


  1. wow thats really expensive.. kinda surprised cos the place doesnt exactly have that high end vibe? btw love your blog, I check it daily and your recommendations are always spot on. keep updating!

    1. Yea I thought it was expensive too :/ totally no high end vibe!! Thank you soooooooo much :) you just made my day and brought a huge smile to my face! :) I will!!! Am happy we have the same taste and feel lucky that I'm able to help you! :)

  2. no.. seriously thank YOU :))


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