Saturday, August 18, 2012

New: Mad Nest - many choices under one roof!

There's a new concept in the East! What was once Mad Thai is now Mad Nest, totally nothing to do w Thai food anymore. Instead they serve Jap, Indian, Italian and All Day Breakfast!! You may think hmmm how is that gonna work out, so many cuisines under one roof? Dont worry there are diff chefs for each cuisine and the Indian side of the restaurant even has their own restaurant outside! So rest assured quality wont be compromised. And what's icing on the cake is that prices are v reasonable for the food + the ambience! So unfair that ppl in the East have so many yummy food options :( This is along East Coast Rd, further down from the Joo Chiat area + Chin Mee Chin, like near this place called beach road prawn mee!

Pitan Maki
mixture of sashimi, served w avocado & homemade sauce, 8 pieces

I ate one piece of this and I was like omnomnommm!!! The taste of pitan isnt extremely strong here but its definitely discernible. I like the mix of sauce (creamy and tastes like a faint version of pitan), actual pitan (aka century egg), the spring onion, the crunchy fish roe, and the soft mix of avocado + salmon sashimi! This was easily very addictive, and I finished all of them :) However you must note that if you're looking for taste of the sushi rice, sashimi, avocado, you can't really taste those but as a whole, it works! 4.5/6

Garlic Naan
$3/4 if I'm not wrong!

This was nicely done, thin and crispy, not a super strong taste of garlic though! Hot when served! Good to eat w the curry! 3.8/5

Butter Chicken

Tried a small portion of the curry when I dipped the naan in it haha. The curry wasn't too spicy, not strong coconut taste! Not bad at all and q a lot of chicken pieces too! The bestfriend finished this and was v satisfied :) 4.2/5

Foie Gras

I dont think this was worth it at all. Okay the portion was not bad but there was barely any taste. More seasoning please? 2/5


I thought the portion would be bigger. This was q averagely done, nothing special. 2.8/5

Oishii Maki
grilled eel and roasted salmon served with avocado & homemade mayo, 8 pieces

This was kinda like the pitan maki above and was recommended by the waiter. The mayo is a little less creamy and sweet vs normal mayo maybe cos its been torched? But this has a sort of smokiness to it and again the same soft, creamy texture and taste in this sushi. Something you'd enjoy and just keep popping into your mouth as well! Again there's no strong discernible taste to this but it just works yknow? So if you're a non-pitan lover, order this! 4.5/5

Below are snaps of their menu. Do note that there are 1/2 pages I didnt take pics of, but now I can only rmb the naans + oth Indian flat breads page that I didnt haha. Oh yes, another menu has the drinks list and a tapas menu! Ooh and some desserts I didnt take pics of too.

Cheap Jap sets!

Cheap dons

Sorry this is blur

Free Moet Champagne given to us by the v friendly co-owner of this joint. That night was a media tasting so we couldnt sit inside, and we sat ouside! The wind was not bad and there were fans, so it was okay. The interior's quite pretty though! :)

They have an extensive list of alcohol though their cocktails are more on the traditional side haha, and the good thing is that they open till 1 or 2am depending on which day it is. So its a good spot for you to chill and have drinks. Plus the bites are affordable and yummy. Even if you dont wanna drink, just go for the food! I'm certain there's something catered for everyone :)

I'm certainly going back to try more makis and maybe Italian/all day brunch!

Ok just checked their website and their menu's now online! So you can click the link below to go have a clear and nice look of the menu :) Oh yes and the pictures in the restaurant are for sale! So its like a mini art gallery too!

This was visited on 8 Aug. Sorry for the delay!

Mad Nest
378/380 East Coast Rd
Mon-Thurs: 4pm-1am
Fri: 4pm-2am
Sat: 11am - 2am
Sun & PH: 11am - 1am

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