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New: Au Chocolat at MBS

Au Chocolat is the first made-in-Singapore French-inspired concept store with a bistro dining area and a retail confeserie with a wide selection of chocolate and candy. (this is taken off their website). It occupies a rather large area of level 1 of The Shoppes with 2 main parts, a bistro serving a huge variety of food (Crepes, pasta, all day brekkie like french toasts, pancakes, eggs, Western mains, sides like sweet potato fries, truffle fries etc and many more!) and the other is the retail section selling cakes, pastries, bon bons, truffles (the choc ones), gelato, merchandise and such. 

The decor is certainly very whimsical and French-like and not to mention rustic, it seems like vintage is THE style right now of eateries. The staff here all wear straw hats and red aprons that blend in with the old feel of the place. Technically there's supposed to be like 'characters' and you follow them on their journey in the shop (frm what I read before they opened) but I barely saw any characters for me to follow or any story haha.

NOTE THIS: if you want to buy cakes/pastries or anything from the retail section to eat in the bistro section you've to pay $2/piece to eat there! SHOCKING OR WHAT??? Think they shld waive this $2 if ppl are alr eating at the bistro or sth. Argh.

Retail area (to the left sells gelato but today there were like only 3 flavours in the counter -.-)

Interior of the bistro area!

Train that goes round the bistro and they have another one at the bistro! This successfully attracts many kids :)

The napkin is thick but rough, not good for wiping mouth haha

Parma Ham Crepe
Quality aged prosciutto de parma, sweet rock melon & fine Swiss gruyere cheese
Served with salad topped with Au Chocolat's unique chocolate balsamic vinaigrette

The crepe was not hot at all nor was it warm when it was served, I dont know why. And its so thin that its kinda non-existent. Like additional carbs and calories that you cannot taste and feel cos its so thin!! The rock melon was really sweet and it also came w walnuts and cranberries which added to the taste and texture of this crepe making it quite wonderful to eat in one big mouthful! I like that they use diff types of cherry tomatoes and there are rocket leaves/arugula on it as well so it makes a good mix of tastes when you eat everything together! But nothing spectacular though. The sauce, is a little sweet and savory but cant really taste it unless you eat the sauce alone. Ok if you're up to indulge (money-wise). The parma ham was great and went well w everything esp the melon and the walnuts! 3.4/5

Pssst I saw a plate of sweet crepe I think was the orange & tangerine or sth but it looked super not value for money, like crepe + some fruits on top and sauce then its $16??!

Stuffed French Toast
Two slices of brioche bread filled with plump berries & indulgent mascarpone cheese coated with cornflakes for that ultimate crunch

This marries Wild Honey's french toast and Dean & Deluca's! Wild Honey's cos its stuffed w sth + mascarpone (WH's is peach I think and its berries here) then D&D's idea of coating it w cornflakes! To me, its not as fluffy and thick as I'd like it, quite a thin piece unlike WH's bread and the cheese's q watery idk why! Certainly a nice crunch from the cornflakes. Quite nice still though as a whole! The boy said it got a bit boring towards the end. 3.2/5

Tarte Au Chocolat
Decadent tart with a dark chocolate filling, praline cream & rum toffee bananas, served with vanilla gelato

We were kinda like woahhh when the tart came cos honestly its the biggest tart I've eaten in my life! I think... Ok anyway this is REALLY decadent and delicious :) I could finish this on my own but if you're not a crazed dessert fan/chocoholic like me, then I suggest sharing this cos it can get a little jia lat or too bitter or too sweet towards the end cos it IS huge! The ganache is thick smooth and slightly bitter which is good but somehow towards the end, it gets kinda sick. The tart shell is not bad, breaks off nicely (tho a little hard at first) and is crumbly, not too thick either. Very yummy in fact if you share it w ppl!! The cream doesnt really add much to it when eaten tgt w the tart, I actually like it more when eaten alone!

The bananas just taste like normal bananas but much softer. The gelato is SO impt here 'cos it breaks the monotony of the hugeass tart and the gelato is good so ya towards the end was: tart > gelato > tart > gelato combi haha. Quality gelato too with lots of vanilla specks :)

At least this place gives portions that matches the price unlike many many oth places that charge exorbitant prices for dessert but give minuscule portions!  4.2/5

Rustic French Apple Pie
Flaky chocolate puff pastry crust filled with cinnamon-scented apples, topped with buttery crumble, served with vanilla gelato & salted caramel sauce

You can barely see the pie crust here hahaha and it certainly chocolate puff pastry!!! Totally normal, no chocolate. Its like not a pie but just a layer of pastry at the bottom and some resemblance of a pie at the end towards the left but that's abt it! The rest is the FILLING! Large chunks of well-cooked apples stewed w cinnamon, butter and all things sinful and yummy haha. The crumble is quite sparse but the apples were good! Quite hard to cut up the puff pastry below. The pie got jia lat towards the end too. So sharing is very much encouraged!! 4/5


Just some things that I saw: the fries are served like how Swensens served theirs and the portion's roughly the same! And the chocolate cake in the desserts page is HUGE, even bigger than PS Cafe's black out cake and all oth choc cake slices I've seen haha. And 2 diff ppl ordered today and they both couldnt finish towards the end! Suggest sharing w more than 1 person.


Now on to what the retail section sells!

Some sweets - big macarons, bars

Marron choc tart if I'm not wrong


These sliced cakes are $8 each! They also sell whole cakes! There's matcha, choc w many diff combis and diff flavours.

Black Sesame Cheese cake $8/slice

And they have a section on cheesecakes! NY Style, white choc raspberry, matcha w oreo base, mango ginger (interesting), Dutch apple etc!



Chocolate truffles

Service was not bad at the bistro, though can be friendlier and more attentive. Portions for desserts definitely very big, recommended for sharing. Will not be in a hurry to go back due to prices!! But prices are kinda understandable cos of their obviously-high-rental! 

They're located 2 floors above the ice skating ring!

Au Chocolat
01-03 The Shoppes MBS
Website (their menu is there too, click bistro)

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  1. Its 2/5 for the Mexican Chocolate. The crust base is too hard which does not complement the chocolate ganache. We ate the chocolate leaving the crust eventually. Further, theres additional charge of $2 to dine in. For the crepes, i wld still prefer the french couple's Creperi EntreNovus at Seah St. Cheers


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