Sunday, December 11, 2011

Windowsill Pies

Went to the Yule Market at Loewen Gardens at around 11am? It wasnt very crowded at that time and it was fairly easy to get a seat! Saw the Windowsill Pie stall once we went in and they had taste testers for their pies! And they're quite big pieces, which I think is obviously a good thing haha. Tried their apple pie that they have specially for Xmas, and was really impressed! So we got a slice (:

Its $6.90 for the piece above in that picture. Its quite worth it because there was a huge-ass piece of apple on top which was sooo soft and flavourful - sweet with a little rum, raisins were studded throughout and most importantly, the custard wasnt too sweet! And laced with just enough rum to make you go mmm~ and smile. The pie crust is just the right thickness, slightly crunchy and crispy.

We were so impressed by the pie that we bought 4 slices of pie home! Should really give this pie a try! Their pecan pie was another hot seller too, but didnt try it! Pie for another day!

They have a shop as well, with the address below. I believe they're regulars at the Farmers Market, cos I've seen their FB page and they've been there for the past few times! But there arent any Farmers Mkts till next year so, go down to their shop!

 The people are really friendly and cheerful!

Windowsill Pies
#01-206, 2 Pandan Valley, Acacia Court (Pandan Valley Condominium)

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