Monday, December 5, 2011

Hai Tien Lo

As we had a voucher from our previous Keyaki visit, we decided to go to Hai Tien Lo for Chinese dinner because we have not been there for many many years (and by that I mean 10 over years?)

There's a lift that serves level 21-37 (if I'm not wrong) so do check before you take the lift! The lift is all glass so you can see the nice view outside! Pity it was raining that night :/

Was impressed by the woman who picked up my call when I called to make a reservation, extremely polite and very friendly.

Table setting. The restaurant has a circular layout and each table faces the glass windows that gives you a good view of the Singapore skyline!

This was listed on the premium tea page, some flower blossoming thing or something haha sorry! Not too sure about this. But the flower fragrance was really strong and nice, one of the more unique teas I've had! Certainly not your normal Chinese tea.

Signature dish - Pan-fried foie gras with roasted duck skin

I think they cooked it together or something because the foie gras had a distinct duck meat taste instead of the usual foie gras taste! The taste of the foie gras was completely covered by the taste of the duck so I thought this wasn't a well-executed dish because I've had such combinations before at other restaurants and the foie gras retained its own flavours. 3/5 

Drunken chicken (appetiser)

I felt that the wine didnt fully incorporate into the chicken hence the taste of the wine wasnt strong, something my parents and I do not fancy. We prefer stronger taste of the wine and a very cold chicken, much like how Din Tai Fung does it! So far, no places can beat DTF's drunken chicken in my books and I know my best friend and my Mom agree with me. The meat of this chicken was rather soft and the skin wasnt too fatty either. But pity about the wine taste, I mean afterall, this IS drunken chicken. 3/5

Baked Sea Perch Fillet with Truffle Sauce

This is from their festive menu I believe. The last page of the menu. The waitress who took our order knew my Dad so she recommended us dishes/told us which dishes werent that nice/allowed me to order from the festive menu (I presume) because this dish isnt in the ala carte menu so yup. Anyway, this was the BEST DISH of the night! All of us agreed this was ohsoyummy. Actually it was only the fish, the sauce was too thick and too sweet for our liking, truffle aroma wasnt strong either so Mom and I kinda scraped off the sauce to enjoy the sweet soft yummy flesh of the fish itself!

The fish, is really the star!! So wonderfully flakey and soft, melts in your mouth, even softer than cod I tell you! The chef really cooked it to perfection. This is certainly a Must-try but you probably can try it with some other sauce? I know they have other cooking methods in the ala carte menu, so (: 5/5 for fish!

Pan-fried geoduck in XO sauce with beans

I didnt try this but my parents said the XO sauce wasnt v hot!

Steamed broccoli with crabmeat and caviar

There were lots of crabmeat!! Caviar was a rather big spoonful and broccoli, huge florets of them. Rather value for money dish I feel! Everything's fresh so this is more of an average dish done well. 4/5

Ee Mian with Chicken Shreds and Truffle Sauce

The truffle aroma was stronger in this dish and I didnt try it either but my parents commented that it was pretty average, nothing much to shout about. 3.5/5

Lobster with signature butter lemon sauce

The lobster is lightly fried before the sauce is placed on top of it. To me, seafood should be enjoyed on its own to savour the sweet fresh taste of the seafood (with the exception of salted egg yolk crab and creamy butter crab at Seafood Paradise!) so I didnt enjoy the sauce atop the lobster because all I tasted was the sauce and not the sweet lobster flesh! So I scraped the sauce off again and ate the lobster meat (: it was fresh no doubt! But once again, just an average dish to me. 3.7/5

These are views from the lift

Hai Tien Lo has many private rooms with their own views of the Singapore skyline/waterfront view and I'd imagine it'll be quite popular during periods with fireworks! Service staff are friendly, rather prompt in their service. Pity the food's average. My parents and I agreed that we wouldnt be coming back in the near future.

Hai Tien Lo
Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

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