Monday, December 5, 2011

First taste of Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser has finally opened at Scotts Square! I went down on Friday and asked and they told me they're opening today. Waited for about 30minutes before they really opened for business because they were still settling some last minute details and the arrangement of bread and stuff.

The service crew is really friendly! Very very polite as well. Comprises of quite a lot of Japanese with quite a few locals as well. They offered us samples of the bread and I tried a wholemeal and a olive oil + sun dried tomato dough. Loved both! Both doughs are really light and fluffy, the olive oil + sundried tomato one was very fragrant! There's still a crispyness to the bread even though it has not been toasted yet. Mmm~ I was eagerly awaiting to buy the many different types of bread they had!

Their sandwiches are made to order, and you'll wait for about 5-7mins for it! They have ham&cheese, vegetarian, bacon + veg, croque monsieur, tuna and I'm not sure what else! Think they're $7.50? The next time I'm gonna try their lemon tart! Quite affordable $3.50 for one!

Yummylicious bread!!! You queue up and either tell/point to the people behind the counter which breads you want or there will also be some service staff outside to take your order. Dont be shy to ask them what the bread is made of/what it has etc because they're really friendly and will tell you! They'll give you recommendations as well (:

The breads are affordable so dont worry, price ranges from $1+ to $7+? 

There was already a queue today so I think when people know that it is officially opened, there will be a longer queue!

Here's what I bought (I cant really rmb their French names, my apologies!):

Pain au Chocolat

I'm not sure about how this tastes yet but I'll update this space when my Dad gives me feedback! (:

Cranberry Bread

My oh my, I LOVE THIS BREAD! It is so filled with huge dried cranberries, crispy crusty crust with a rather soft interior (I used rather because to me, it is soft but to people who arent used to wholegrains, you'll find it hard at first! But I love this kind of texture, so :D) I really enjoyed every single bite of this. From the fragrant bread aroma that hits you when you bring it near your mouth, to the audible crisp when you bite it and then the homey feeling of a well-made bread. YUM (: 4.7/5

Mini Croissant $1.40

My mom's an ardent croissant fan! And I can safely say this passes ALL of her tests for a good croissant and I heard this is one of their signatures, truly worthy of being so I'd say! I could hear how crisp and flakey it is! My mom was so happy she need not toast it to make it crispy because the crunch when she bites into it is so audible! I could tell she enjoyed it a lot because she was smiling throughout and she commented that it has a really fragrant buttery taste! She loves butter, so yup, she really liked this and told me to buy more for her next time! MUST-TRY! 5/5

Aux Pommes

If I'm not wrong that is what this bread is called! It comprises of honey, walnut and apples. Upon hearing this, I knew I'd get this!! One of my fav combination of flavours! (: And this does not disappoint. The taste is very complex, I didnt realise until I took a bite of the fig bread below and realised how starkly different they taste! This one has real depth in terms of flavour, I presume because of the honey? I'm not sure but its sure richer and the apples are soft, almost un-apple like! As with his breads so far, this has a crisp exterior that gives a nice crunch even without toasting (how does he do that? Other bakeries, please learn!!) and the bread is sooo yummy on its own even without toasting!! I love the deep dark rich taste of this bread, I presume this has wholemeal flour as well because of the colour! 4.6/5

Fig Bread

I saw fig and my eyes lit up and I told the woman "I want a fig bread as well, thank you!" But this wasn't such a winner in my books compared to the above few. This one tasted like a normal piece of bread with a few figs studded inside (look at the yellow thing popping out of the bread in the 2nd pic). Though this bread was really soft inside, much softer than the above 2 so I'm assuming wholemeal flour has less of a role here but as with all the breads, a nice crisp crust. In terms of flavours and taste, not as strong as cranberry or the apple/walnut one! 4/5

I will GLADLY, actually no, I WILL be going back to get more of his breads because I think they're really good! Nice crispy exterior that has a loud audible crunch when you bite into it and a nice fluffy interior with yummy flavours! The smell of the bread was taunting me throughout my trip home, in the train and in the car. Mmm~ Cant wait till I get my next Maison Kayser fix!

From their website:

Honeycombed and tender, with subtle aromas and a fine golden crust, bread according to Eric Kayser is a bread with lots of character. Smoothness and aroma are preserved through slow kneading and long fermentation. All of the breads are kneaded, shaped and baked on-site, under the supervision of a head baker who has been trained in all of the "House" techniques. A qualified baker still needs a year to master the technique.

How to savour their bread?
Start by appreciating its colour, gently press a slice to your nose to experience its crispy touch and crust, the smoothness and perfume of the bread itself. Only then take a bite and feel its texture and flavours develop into your mouth...

I fully agree with whatever the website says and really recommend that you go down and try it for yourself! (:

Maison Kayser
Scotts Square


  1. It's finally open! Thanks for the tip-off :D

    I heard from my friend's dad that a good crust is obtained when you spray water on the bread some time when its baking.

    Their eclairs look really good from your photo.

  2. ah, it's open already!! thanks for the review if not I will be still waiting like near Xmas eve for it...
    wanna rush down there straight after work, cheers!

  3. Wow..thanks for the quick review. I will love their bread. :)



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