Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alfero Artisan Gelato

After our meal at Hai Tien Lo, we wanted some gelato for dessert and I remembered this new shop at Marina Square! Its near the food side (where all the food kiosks are like Jollibean etc)/below the cinema area and not the shops side of Marina Square! Not sure if you know what I mean. 

The ice cream scoopers are really earnest and friendly like some other reviewers have said online, and will happily + cheerfully scoop up huge spoonfuls (never seen such huge tester spoonfuls before!) of gelato for you to try and recommend you to try different flavours! Definitely a good team hired I'd say (: They will also have a guy standing outside distributing small cups of ice cream for trying as well.

I tried many flavours, like vanilla (felt that the vanilla flavour wasnt strong enough), mango (REALLY liked this, was choosing between mango and green tea), hazelnut (didnt really like it), uh and many other flavours! But eventually we decided on:

Green tea

This has really strong green tea taste I feel, one of the better and stronger green tea ice creams around! The milk taste is quite strong as well, so not for someone who doesnt like milky taste! For me, I loved it! Though after awhile it can get a tad sweet so luckily we had the dark chocolate below to balance it out!

Dark chocolate

This was very smooth and dark, sexy ice cream in a cup! Just realised it rhymes!

Wanted to try their cones but they were sold out :/ The scooper told us that they make their cones fresh everyday so we'd to come earlier to try it cos its v popz! Will definitely go back to try their cones + other flavours of ice cream or to get that mango! Haha

Alfero Artisan Gelato
Marina Square

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