Sunday, December 11, 2011

Svelte (Taste Matters)

Have heard about Taste Matters for quite some time so I decided to drag the boy down for some nice dessert! Here's their menu! Since I couldnt find it online, I thought I'd take pictures of it so everyone can know whats on the menu! I personally feel that menus are v impt to me when deciding whether or not I want to go down and have a meal at the restaurant, so hope this helps you guys!

Yuzu Curd Tart

Featured in newspapers/magazines! It comes in a pair and if I'm not wrong, its $8 for two! The tart shell was crispy, and not too thick, a higher than average tart shell I'd say! To me, the curd was a little too eggy? Like I could taste eggs in the curd. But to the boy, he was totally in love. He happily gobbled down the tart quickly and said "mmm I totally understand why she said people cant stop at one" just after the first bite! And, he broke out into a huge smile! No kidding. So I guess its all up to personal preference? 3.5/5 (personally) I bet the boy's was like 4.7/5

Black Cow

I LOVED the real as beans vanilla bean ice cream right at the bottom of this! Okay let me break down the layers for you. Top - rootbeer sorbet (REALLY like rootbeer cept in iced form + diff texture, wonderful!) middle - thin layer of dark chocolate ganache of good quality, bottom - vanilla bean ice cream! I think it goes really well together if you eat everything all at once but the layers are good separately too! All in all, a good dessert with well-thought out layers!

Would probably be back to try out their other desserts because there's like black sesame with sourdough toast? (Sort of like an atas version of what road-side uncles sell?) and many oth interesting combinations that I'd like to try! But probably wouldnt be eagerly awaiting my next visit back because there are so many other places to try in Singapore!

Oh the service is friendly, cheerful, bright smiles, and nice! Pour your own water though! Not that I have any issues with that (:

Cluny Court

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