Thursday, July 11, 2013

Basilico Sunday Brunch Visit 4 or 5

My last post on Basilico was in June 2012 (go to this post for more in depth review) and exactly a year later, I'm back again to post about it! See Basilico holds kinda a special place in me + the boy's hearts. This is the 3rd time we've been there tgt and it was our craving for good quality unlimited servings of foie gras that led us back once again + the good quality desserts (for me). 

I've heard some comments about the standards dropping, so did it really? Here's my review.

First up - cold seafood

Now this time the lobsters werent too frozen, just nice and were a little sweet! The crayfish was seasoned and was not bad. Generally, seafood was average, nothing particularly stood out but we werent surprised cos this wasnt really our focus! Note though that towards the end the lobsters didnt include this kind anymore but just the pincer part! So do take 'em early!

Tomatoes -  once again, big spread (in buffet standards) of tomato and I love trying the diff kinds
Iberico ham x melon - that day's melon wasnt sweet!
Foccacia with Mascarpone Cheese + Truffle - this is still THE BOMB please please try this and you'll go to heaven haha. Only if you like cheese + truffle! Mmmm this is good! But too many servings of it will make you sick of it so restrain yourself!
Mushrooms, grilled - done well
Cod fish - not bad


Foie gras

Now in the past it used to be made to order but now they already have a whole lineup of foie gras alr seared and when you order, they just heat it up. I guess its to do with the long queues + many orders of foie gras but this way the quality drops imo. The boy thinks so too. This time the foie we got were huge pieces (of course we were really happy abt it at first) and came w an apple compote that's a new addition. However the interior of the foie was still cold/lukewarm which made eating it quite undigestible unless accompanied w the tart green apple compote! Needless to say we had a hard time finishing it and didnt go back for more. We also agreed that we will not be back anytime soon as this was the MAIN reason why we wanted to come back! 

Seafood barley risotto

Nice clean flavours, not overdone, fragrant

Seafood stew - could be a bit thicker but very flavourful!

Cheese platter | saffron bread

Desserts were all a disappointment this time round!
Mille feuille (puff pastry w raspberries) was soggy and hard to cut into
Cheesecake (foreground) - too dense for my liking
Pear tart (the one w golden tinge) - didnt taste like pear
Lemon tart - too sweet for my liking, the curd
Plum tart - really liked this as always!
That twirly puff pastry was okay

Overall - the food quality is still not bad but we wont be returning anytime soon cos of the foie gras standards and dessert. Mains are still q good! Perhaps we will be back a year later to see if there's any improvements on the foie gras!

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