Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Landing Point Afternoon Tea

I've been wanting to try this for the longest time, since hearing about the awesome lobster cone and the free flow refills! 

We booked this quite a few week in advance cos we were alr sure of our date so do make sure you make reservations! They are usually full! Pardon picture qualities cos they were taken with my iPhone!

You get pretty views of the "marina" from where you sit (this is not the view from Landing Point) and the whole place is surrounded by glass windows so lotsa natural light (Y)

Table setting

Tea menu - it uses TWG teas and you can choose 2 teas I think? Or unlimited choices and refillable too! Tea choices not very wide, about 10-15 or so?

3 tier refillable afternoon tea set!

This is a tier for 2 people so everything is x2
Top tier: tarts (read below)

Middle: savories
from L-R
Cucumber sandwich: very normal + ikura but it was kinda deflated alr so doesnt really do much
Egg truffle sandwich, jamon bagel: read below
Smoked salmon sandwich: all of us liked this!
Cracker w brie & fruit jelly: cant really taste the brie, didnt stand uot
Lobster cone: read below
Quiche: forgettable
Duck crepe (or sth like that): not bad!

Bottom: sweets
Lemon tart: read below
Kueh Lapis: didnt try this
Eclair: choux pastry too dry + cream wasnt good & too little
Canale: quite dry

Top tier

Chocolate sea salt caramel tart:

This was sinfully good especially if you like caramel! The sea salt provided a nice contrast. Rich and chocolatey! Can get a bit jialat after awhile though

Creme brulee tart in chocolate crust

This was yummy! Not overly sweet. But oddly there's some liquid that'll flow outta the tart so be careful when eating it!

Plain scone, raisin scone

It was served rather hot, and we had jam + cream on our table. The scones were okay, not fluffy enough for me though!

Egg truffle sandwich

This is comfort food done right! Asked for more of this!

Lobster cone

This lived up to the hype and we really liked this one! Asked for more of this haha it was light and refreshing!! V addictive too with the crunchy texture from the cone and lobster. 

I quite like the parma ham + cheese in this bagel but some of my friends dont! Depends on you really :)


Lemon tart

This was tart and super delicious!!! I like the lemon curd + the crust. Asked for more of this too!

We were celebrating my friend's bday and in my reservation with them I told them about this so they very kindly prepared a cake for us! The correspondent asked me for my friend's name cos she said they were gonna include it in the msg but alas they didnt. We were so stuffed from the afternoon tea but we managed to finish this cake! Why? Cos it was good! Rich thick smooth chocolate ganache atop a crunchy base! This combi always works :) 

Our group of friends stayed there till super late, like 9+pm haha and the wait staff KEPT looking at us as if to ask us to leave quickly. Service was also splotchy, not efficient enough as they forgot some stuff we told them to bring over/took v long. Level of friendliness was acceptable. Tea wasnt constantly refilled for us, in fact we refilled it most times on our own. 

The refill works by the staff carrying trays of the food and going arnd to ask if you want refills of the items on the tray. You can ask for the refill from any staff but usually it'll take some time to come. 

Overall, it has nice ambience, below average-average service, okayish food, so I dont think I'll be back soon considering the many other places I've yet to try!

The Landing Point
Fullerton Bay Hotel
Afternoon Tea 3pm-5.30pm
$43++ per pax
Complimentary parking only if you spend >$100 in a single receipt


  1. Hi! Was the cake complimentary? I'm celebrating my mother's birthday there soon!

    1. Hi! Yup it was complimentary :) hope y'all have a good time!!!! Happy early birthday to your mom! :)

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