Friday, November 30, 2012

New Restaurant: Quarter to Three

The boy and I were driving along Tanjong Pagar Rd to get to our dinner place (more abt that in another post) and I happened to catch a sign that I've never seen before along that stretch of road so the boy and I decided to check it out before our dinner!

Its a 6 week old cafe selling some food, coffee, cakes etc. and what's special is that they do customized cakes as well!

Interior of the cafe decorated for xmas!

Here's their menu:

Bestseller ranking
1) Sweet little sixteen
2) Good day Sunshine
3) For you blue

This was what the owner told us!

Sweet Little Sixteen
Strawberry cheese sponge 
Slice of light Japanese style cheese sponge with layers of fresh cream & decked w fresh strawberries

The owner said that this cake is the top seller in their cafe and its different in the sense that they use a cheese sponge instead of the usual vanilla sponge. It reminded me of a Jap strawberry shortcake but a slightly denser version of it. Would like it if the bottom layer isnt that thick though! Not too sweet, which is quite good. 3.6/5

Happiness is a Warm Gun
Opera with Rum
Wonderfully rich and dreamy combination of delicate almond biscuit, chocolate ganache & coffee buttercream

I thought the bottom layer of this cake would be crispy or like a hard crunchy layer, but it wasnt, tastes more like a sponge cake at the bottom! Rum taste was quite evenly distributed but not overly strong. Chocolate was smooth and not overly rich, which made it quite nice. Coffee buttercream doesnt really have a strong coffee taste but goes well as a whole with the cake. 3.7/5

I'm supposed to be studying for exams now but I just had to share this new discovery with you guys :) I heard their carrot cake's really really good and am looking forward to trying it out aft my exams! If yall do give it a try, please tell me your feedback! :)

Quarter to Three
88 Tanjong Pagar Road (its near Kaixo!)
Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm (on Fb says its 11am-11pm but the sign in the shop says 12pm-11pm)


  1. A few times my colleagues and I were talking about heading there. We have yet to, but will soon! Thanks for the shots on the menu!

  2. i tried the mango one just now. it was good and big portion :D

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Will go and try it when I can! :)


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