Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Restaurant: Kaixo

Another new tapas bar popped up in town! The people behind Kaixo, according to their Facebook page, started out in private dining, but now they've opened their own shop front! Serving Spanish tapas, but what's different from normal tapas joints in Singapore is that they serve Pinxtos, please look at the pic below for more details about what it is! Basically its something like a brushcetta w a variety of toppings!

The bar area and where you choose your pintxos

Here's their menu for your reference:

The paella was not available that day and we were v disappointed :/

Interesting cutlery shapes!

$12 for 3
From left to right:

Avocado, Jamon, Sundried Tomato - I like the sun dried tomato here! The jamon isnt very salty and went quite well with the avocado! 4/5

Cheese w quince jam - I love this combination! The jam went so well with the cheese :) 4.3/5

Piquillo pepper w anchovies - I love piquillo peppers and this was good! I love the aroma of the pepper, and the anchovy was sort of like a back-up in this cos the star for me was the pepper! The boy and I both love this the most :) 4.6/5

The toast they use as the base is a little hard but still a tad crispy so its not that bad :) The toppings are really good though! There were 5 diff types on display for us to choose.

Cherry Flavoured Gazpacho

This doesnt taste like cherry haha just tastes like tomato soup! Of course the good thing is that its served chilleddddd and its quite sour so its a v good appetiser!! That blob of white stuff is cream but its kinda semi-solid and doesnt really add much flavour to the soup. 4.2/5

Roast Scallops w Baby Leeks

Plump scallops and at $12, this is quite a steal! Though this dish was kinda average for us as the scallop wasnt sweet 3.5/4

Roast French Pigeon Breast w Saffron Plums

We asked for ours to be done rare and I think this was super good! Very tender meat with a nice aroma to it, mmm I ate a lot of this :) Plums tasted more like apricots to us haha but yes the pigeon's good! 4.7/5

Squid in its own ink

This was so-so I feel, the squid didnt have much taste and the ink sauce, a little bland. The squid wasnt too chewy though which is good. 3.5/5

They serve a set lunch menu with a few tapas items from the dinner menu and for dinner, they serve the menu I've shown above! The set lunch changes weekly and its very affordable! $23++ for 2 courses and $28++ for 3!!!! Do check our their set lunch menu on the Facebook page!

Service there is okay, not very attentive/friendly but passable :) No complaints!

When we went at about 6.40pm, their happy hour was still on and its 1-for-1 house pours/Stella Artois! The house pour includes a red or a white wine. And its $10, so quite worth it I feel.

96 Tanjong Pagar Road
6225 0545
Mon-Fri: 12-2.30pm, 5.30-11pm
Sat: 5.30-11pm


  1. Hi, any recommendations for a fine dining place with good chicken/pork chops? It's really difficult to find! I'm looking for a place to take my guy for his birthday but he doesn't take beef :(

    1. Omg I'm so sorry anon!! I missed out your comment!! I'm sorry but I dont really eat chicken/pork chops so I dont know where exactly serves nice ones :/ am really sorry!! I dont think fine dining places serve chicken/pork chops though :/


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