Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Restaurant: Tsujiri

There's another new mall in town! Called 100am. And a green tea shop hailing from Kyoto Japan with 150 years of tradition has opened in this new mall. Maybe a new trend's starting? With Nana Green Tea cafe previously at Jcube.

They have a huge huge range of green tea things on offer. Tea, latte, ice blended, o-maccha specials, shaved ice, soft serve ice cream, parfaits and cakes. Mainly split into 2 flavours, green tea or vanilla. So like for the same parfait you can choose either green tea or vanilla flavoured ice cream. There are some drinks and shaved ice with yuzu as the main star as well.

O-maccha Roll Cake

The boy and I ordered this cake! Besides this there is cheesecake as well and a chiffon cake. I like that it comes with adzuki beans at the side and this nice soft fluffy cream! The roll cake itself isnt very sweet, though I'd like it to be a little colder. It went well with the red bean though the sponge isnt very fluffy. Not a bad dessert I'd say. Red beans got a little sweet after awhile. 3.8/5

Shiratama Parfait (O-maccha)

This parfait has quite a lot of ingredients!! Alot of adzuki beans, this transparent jelly thing, about 6 or 8 pieces of mochi, and some green tea below. Everything went quite well together and I'd say I enjoyed this quite a lot! I think a simple soft serve ice cream here would be nice if you're in the vicinity! 4/5

Some pics of what is on offer!

The seating area isnt very big, mostly self-service ie you order then they make it and you go get it yourself. Worth a try if you're in the vicinity!

100 Tras Street #01-14 

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