Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Restaurant: The Big Sheila

The Big Sheila just opened on 23 October and the boy and I went down to try out on 27 October, Saturday! Here's what's in store for you :)

Upon entering the store, you'll see white shiny tables lining the sides of the shop with diff types of cakes, salads, breads etc, wtv's on offer that day that they can display :) Do note that all these can also be found in the menu!

Santorini Salad

Butternut Sweetness

Not sure if they are made in house but they sure look good!

The other half that got cut off says homemade muesli w greek yoghurt & berries and poached pears w strawberries & cream.

Brunch Puds - French Croissants Bread & butter pudding

The GIGANTIC tiramisu!! You can order a portion of it off the menu but do note that the portion is VERYVERY big. Definitely share-able among 3-4 ppl post-meal!!! Not only is the width of the dessert big when they serve it to you, it is also 4 layers!! So its really hugeeeeee.

When you order the dips/pates, you'll be served v crusty baguettes that're v nice as well

Here are pics of the menu!

Butternut Sweetness
Roasted pumpkin, chargrilled eggplant mousse, almonds, sesame & sunflower seeds

The pumpkin was a tiny bit dry for me but it was quite sweet! Nice to eat it all together w the rocket, pomegranate, eggplant mousse, almonds and pistachios! Diff textures and tastes :) Light meal if you want one! 3.5/5

My Big Balls
Lovely $16.50
Rich beef & pork balls, with olives & tomato sauce

The sauce is really really good and the boy mopped it up with the awesome crusty baguette that's made in-house! The meatballs are q chewy, unlike some that you get from outside. Portion is quite big and can be filling for one! Its kinda funny when you order this from the wait staff though haha, imagine saying "Can I have my big balls?" or if you want to check on your order "Could you check on my big balls?" Also this dish comes in two sizes so the server asked us "what size do you want your uh big balls to be" so its kinda funny haha. 3.5/5

The Banker Cake
This is rich and dangerous! Whisky soaked prunes, turned in a rich dark (& a bit more whisky) chocolate cake all lavishly topped with a chocolate mousse top

Honestly, the texture's diff from what I expected! The top is mousse but a little harder than usual and the bottom is quite hard! Its like almost solid?? Its definitely not the usual cake texture that we're used to. Its like eating a block of cold choc fudge? The part at the bottom is much less sweet vs the mousse, so for a balance of sweet + bitter, have them both at once! The whisky taste is quite subtle. Overall I'd say this cake is definitely meant for sharing as it could get a bit overwhelming for one after awhile! A little too rich and towards the end, it just feels sweet haha. 3/5

Lemon, Yoghurt, Semolina & Almond Cake
With a zesty lemon syrup

This cake is really crumbly, totally opposite of the Banker Cake. Because of its ingredients, its quite light and fluffy! Lemon taste is not strong and I find it a lil dry unless you eat it tgt w the yummy lemon syrup (thats more sweet than sour).  The lemon slices are more for decoration! This is a light end to the meal and one you may want to consider! 3.7/5

Staff were friendly here but we had to ask for our water to be refilled. The other tables ordered pie and it took quite long to come, the nuggets as well, I'm not sure if they're made on the spot. The place is really small with only a big table in the middle of the shop sitting maybe about 8-10 ppl, another 2 tables sitting 8 ppl and then its the outdoor seats of 6. Its really quite a small shop so either reach early/prepare to wait! You can also takeaway your food! It will come in a super pretty box, even if you cant finish the food in the restaurant and want to takeaway, it'll come in that same pretty box! :) They have a online catering service so you can order your food through the website and have it delivered to you! :)

The Big Sheila 
15 Swan Avenue
Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm (opens super early for brekkie!!)
Sat: 9am - 6pm
6645 4422


  1. Ooooh, I wanna go here!! Looks like a place I'll enjoy very much :)

    P.S. I love that you put up the menu for all your posts! Continue doing so please haha

    1. Do give them a visit and tell me what you think about them!! Especially if you tried something I didnt :) Yup I will! Hahah cos I know I really like looking at menus before visiting a place so I'll try to do that for my posts! :)

  2. Glad I stumbled upon your blog, this TBS was an amazing find for instance. I must say I like that menu thing you do too, few bloggers out there do that. :) Keep writing!


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