Monday, October 29, 2012

New Restaurant: Symmetry

This new restaurant is run by chef & founder, Ms Abby Lim, according to The Business Times! The restaurant itself is um quite small (restaurants nowadays are v small compared to the past!!!) and only sits about 20-25 ppl? So its best to call ahead to make reservations! 

The restaurant is located at Jalan Kubor and the boy and I got lost cos we ventured to the Jalan Kubor opposite Santa Grand Hotel and we were walking next to rows of tombstones and then along this really deserted road haha. But we managed to find it in the end 'cos we called the restaurant! Do note that its "next" to Santa Grand Hotel!

Entrance flanked by Nightmare Before Christmas dolls 'cos its Halloween period!

If you call ahead to reserve, your name will be up on the board there :) Also on your table will be this small rock with your name written on it!


Here are pictures of the menu! I really love their menu, especially the drawings! Their drinks menu is equally nice!

The bar area and about 3/4 of the restaurant

Amuse Bouche - Grapes!

Haha totally something new but the grapes were a balance of sour and sweet, good start especially since I love grapes :)

I quite like the decor here :) vintage but modern at the same time! Nice feel to it :) Also I love the fact that they have a wide range of magazines that you can read!!!

Vanilla vodka, summer fruits (passionfruit, strawberries), lime sorbet, mint leaves

This cocktail was great! Loved how the vodka taste isnt overpowering the rest of the taste but blends well together! Its sour and appetising plus hints of bitterness from the vodka, great great mix! Dangerous though cos methinks there isn't much alcohol in there so you can really keep drinking and ordering and well $$$$ haha. Great drink when you want sth appetising but alcoholic! Also there were quite a lot of chunks of strawberries + passionfruit!! Loved that :) 4.6/5

Other interesting items on their drinks menu that I can rmb include:
Green tea martini (vodka based I think? W green tea and red bean!!)
Breakfast cereal smoothie (yes they have smoothies too! And fruit juices. Not sure abt mocktails)
 Cant rmb the rest but the menu sounded v interesting to me I rmb.

Pearl Onions, Feva Beans, Saffron

A thin layer of cod pan seared to near perfection I'd say. Subtle sweetness from the fish, soft on the inside and a layer of crispiness on the outside, I really like the texture! Would really like a bigger piece! The yellow stuff could be polenta we think, not much of a taste though, nicer if you eat it with the bacon bits! 4/5

Beef patty, foie gras, chorizo, beetroot relish, mornay sauce, bun

Don't be mistaken and think that the patty is like those that you'd find in McDonald's, all minced up and fried! This is in fact a whole chunk of beef that was really soft and tender (doesnt get stuck in your teeth!!) The foie gras upped the sinfulness and decadence of the burger with its buttery oily texture :) The boy feels that this bun isnt as nice as &Made's cos it wasnt crusty, kinda like a normal bun? The chorizo couldnt really be tasted! He said the sauce, which was kinda cheesy, went well w the burger as a whole! And its a sauce he's never tried before :)

Fries were really good, super crispy even right till the end! Can tell that its made from real yummy soft potatoes with a layer of crisp outside!

For this price, I'd say its super worth it!!!!! 4.4/5

Another shot of the yummeh burger

cauliflower, chives, kelp dust, chlorophyll, almond, bacon, tomatoes

I thought chlorophyll would be something interesting but I think its just the green leaves? The scallops were quite plump, though sadly, werent served hot, merely lukewarm. Atop the scallops sat bacon and garlic, as a whole they went rather well together. The orange stuff to the left were q sweet in the veggie sense and the red slices tastes like capsicum. 3.5/5

Peanut Butter Jelly
peanut parfait, cherry sorbet & jelly, cherries, puffed rice

The peanut parfait is tastes like the chinese peanut snack that we eat, the flakey one? Just that the texture of this is like a frozen mousse but still a little soft? Not sure if I'm making sense haha. The cherry sorbet was slightly sour and went well with the parfait. You get a diff taste when you combine the parfait and the cherry jelly (circular disc below the puffed rice). Puffed rice seem more like an afterthought, kinda like honey crisped rice krispies. You'll only like this if you really love peanut 3.4/5

 Beets Sorbet
raspberries, milk pudding, lavender, pistachio, meringue, shiso

The dark red quenelle is the beet sorbet and it really does taste like beet! Really like this creative idea and the fact that it turned out well :) The sorbet in front, I'm not sure what its flavour is but tastes like berry yoghurt sorbet? The meringue wasnt overly sweet. Idk which is the milk pudding but the "blobs" of white stuff didnt have any taste. Wasn't any lavender taste either! V light ending to the meal. Would love it if they gave more sorbet instead!! 3.6/5

Service there was really good, friendly and smiley! When we first arrived and the boy kept fanning himself cos it was a lil stuffy where we sat, the waitress quickly asked if we wanted to change to the table where the aircon was blasting! One thing I didnt really fancy was that our scallops actually arrived later than our mains and the waitress said that they'll serve all the food tgt when I asked them to check on our scallops. 

Their menu's v interesting though!! Mozzarella marshmallow, welsh rarebit, squid w black pepper aioli, prawn popcorn! If yall do give it a try, please tell me what you think about these dishes! :) 

Its easy to spend a lot there cos everything seems interesting! Our bill was $170! This is a place where we wouldn't mind going back again! They serve brunch on weekends and from their fb, it seems pretty popular + crowded so do make reservations!

9 Jalan Kubor
Tues-Thurs: 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-12am
Sun: 11am-7pm


  1. "Mornay Sauce" is essentially cheese sauce, so that's why it's cheesy. :)

  2. I think you're really nice and accommodating to give such a polite and neutral review. For I would have expected much more with this kinda pricing. Seriously, stuffy humble environment.....grapes as amuse bouche? I almost fainted while reading. I think the place's just popular because they invited bloggers there to eat. With no particular outstanding dishes, I'm so appalled that you will wanna go back.

    Much better to spend your money elsewhere sweetie. =)

    Oh If you love pan seared cod fish like I do, do try out The Pump Room, Clarke Quay. =)


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