Friday, October 5, 2012

Revamped: Big Fish Bistro

Here's their menu! The website one is not the most updated one I think!

Super decent prices I think!!!

Range of teas available for you to drink + purchase! They have interesting sounding ones like Sunrise in Tibet and something after yoga haha. Oh Green tea w coconut too.

Nice idea for magazines!

Specials and the daily selection of cakes

Simple, minimal decor

Seafood Platter
Skewered grilled fish & prawns, fried calamari, crayfish, mussels, fries

I think this is very worth it considering the amount of seafood you get! The skewers are definitely the highlight! Fish chunks were quite big and juicy. Some parts of the skewer was a little bit burnt, giving some crisp to the skewer. Prawns were really crunchy too. Nicely seasoned. Mussels were good, calamari, fries, salad were only average. 4/5

Whole Fish Red Snapper
This was 30+

The fish is definitely quite a big portion! The meat is very fresh no doubt, but for me, eating the whole fish on my own got a bit boring towards the end? The skin was also a little salty for me. Recommend this more for sharing!! 3.7/5

Service was polite, reasonable price and portions, value for money even. A place I feel will be a hit with families as they cater to everyone :) We went on a weekday night I think, and the restaurant was quite empty vs the other restaurants along that stretch! On weekends they serve a brunch menu featuring the popular brekkie favourites too.

Big Fish Bistro
Tues: 6-10pm
Weds-Fri: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-3pm, 6.30-10pm

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