Monday, October 15, 2012

New: Keong Saik Snacks

Hello guys!

Some of you requested for a review for Keong Saik Snacks and I apologise for this really late post!! I actually went down on 6 Oct but haven't had the time to post 'cos my exams are round the corner (am uh slacking now haha)

Picture of their menu 

Really small selection which can be good/bad

Nice homey decor

Menu on the wall

DIY Tuna Tartare

The bread slices given were really really crispy and I think they were buttered? Basically condiments given to you are: coriander, black + white sesame seeds, spring onion, soya sauce, this miso-based sauce and wasabi mayo + lime to mix w the tuna in that bowl. Maybe it was because of what I mixed (some wasabi mayo, some soya, q a lot of miso-based sauce, all of the oth condiments cept a bit of lime) cos I didnt think it was anything special? Dont really think its worth the $17, I'd rather spend the money on getting tuna sashimi! Nonetheless, concept of DIY-ing is nice. 2/5

Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo and Iceberg Lettuce

Maybe i should have paid more attention to the word, 'Snacks" of KSK. I expected more than just a roll (expected chips or fries to accompany it). However, it looks really appetizing! Crusty buttered bread roll with huge chunky lobsters drenched in a what seemed to be a rich, creamy sauce. The bread roll is soft but it didn't allow the mayo to seep through to make it soggy. Iceberg lettuce gives it a crunch while the spiced mayo adds brightness to the roll. Grains of salt could be tasted on occasional bites and it does give the roll a fuller flavor. All I can say is 'GOOD ROLL' 4.5/5

Fish and Oysters

2 kinds of fish; cod and the other is snapper? Whatever it is, the fish sticks are fresh. Crispy, juicy and soft. The sauce (I presume it to be tartar) to me, lacks a bit of flavor though a light scent of herbs lingers in it. The oysters, to me weren't as good as the fish. 3/5

Let me give you an overview of the oth dishes I saw being served:

- Grilled bone marrow looked really interesting, they've already dug out the marrow for you and its like a blob atop the empty bone haha, looks really yummy!

- Iberico Ham + Cheese Toastie looked like it was normal thin slices of bread w those ingredients inside

- Hot Doughnuts w Cinnamon and Vanilla Chantilly was v cutely served with the cream in a small pretty cup! I think you choose btwn cinnamon or vanilla chantilly 'cos the ppl next to us were asked to choose

One shortcoming of the place I dont like: seats are VERY close tgt. Such that people have to move their bodies to avoid being hit by the waiters + waitresses, and you have virtually no privacy at all?? Ok this is mainly for the four 2-seater tables to the left of the restaurant once you enter. They have a 4 or 6 seater table behind these then to the right of the restaurant, bigger tables are available too but still q near each oth. They have bar seats but be warned that you will likely feel the heat from the open kitchen. I sat there initially then asked to change seats. It was a little too much to take even though there was air-con. They might've done sth to it alr, am not sure!

Then again, not like it really matters 'cos you wont be staying long 'cos the food is served quite quickly and honestly the food served at the restaurant doesnt require much time for them to be eaten! Table turnover was quite fast :)

Service was friendly and helpful, water was replenished quickly. 

Keong Saik Snacks
49 Keong Saik Road


  1. hey! thanks for reviewing this so quickly - totally hadn't expected it! kind of sad that this place is rather disappointing. anyhow, super thanks once again for the review, it's v. helpful!

    all the best for your exams! :-)

    1. No problem Trixi! :) Glad to be of help!!! Maybe you shld give it a try! People have different tastes anyway! Tell me what you think abt it if you do try! :))

      Thank you for your well wishes!! Take care :)


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