Saturday, July 28, 2012

Provence le Restaurant

After Nicolas le Restaurant closed at Keong Saik, this Southern French restaurant took over their shop space and have been opened for about a month now but I completely didnt know that such a restaurant existed till recently! So I made the boy go down with me to try out their food. Afterall, the chef apprenticed under a female 1-star Michelin chef from the South of France and are using this 1-starred chef's recipes in this restaurant. The chef at this restaurant is also female :)

The layout of the restaurant is essentially the same though the colour scheme and decor is different. Its now more homey!

Bread served while you're perusing the menu (I'm not sure I liked it served while I'm looking at the menu...). This bread is not light and fluffy, quite dense and the crust is q hard too.

Complimentary Amuse boche

The ball is like a bread stuffed w anchovies and basil, not bad. The roasted cherry tomato was super juicy and sweet. The olive tapenade was q good, went well with the bread on top. 

 Happy to have gotten this pretty teacup and teapot when I asked for warm water! :)

Home made green zebra and pink tomatoes tart, petals of Spainish cod and lomo Iberico chips

This was the best dish during lunch. All the flavours went very well together, light and refreshing appetiser to start a meal. Somehow the cod just goes well together w the tart and the tomato! Sweet and light. The tart isnt very dense or buttery so it doesnt steal the show away from the top ingredients. 4.5/5

Reine's Pistou Soupe and basilic sorbet

This soup is made out of provencal vegetables (namely some beans, potatoes, sweet peas, long beans, zucchini etc) and mixed w pesto and atop sits a balsamic sorbet. More of the sorbet would've been much welcomed! The sorbet was tart and extremely cold, but cos it was such a small portion I was barely able to taste it fully as it melted w the soup. The soup is thick and filled w chunky ingredients such that is isnt like a soup but a stew? Didnt like that it had too many ingredients. Average tasting too. 3.5/5

Daube Provencal
Braised lemon Ox Cheek provencale style, homemade potato tortellini's with 4 spices

The boy said this was soft but not flakingly soft and terribly-oh-so-soft but still okay kind of soft and quite flavourful. 3.6/5

Atlantic Cod Fish watercress emulsion, Mediterranean oyster and scallops tartar

The cod fish was a disappointment for me. The sweet soft tasting fish was nothing like what its supposed to be. For one, the meat wasnt soft and second, the sweetness was totally covered by the sauce such that I wouldnt even know what I was eating if I closed my eyes. I wouldnt be able to tell its cod. The oyster + scallops tartar on top was so much nicer than the fish, at least I could tell what I was eating. The sauce was a tad too salty for me. 3/5

Frozen Reine's Calisson, apricot coulis and orange zest confit

This is like a frozen peanut butter dessert, the white part's kinda like frozen ice cream, cold and soft and the peanut brittle makes it taste like peanut butter. The sauce is sour and a nice contrast to the main dessert but definitely not worth $18. Quite average tasting. 3.2/5

Mille Feuille
Market's fruits mille feuille served w vanilla cream - mascarpone

The fruits for that day was apricots and the mille feuille is not like normal ones, no puff pastry involved! Instead something like what you'd see in Chinese restaurants appear, the "nest" of fried noodles thing haha. Its q good w the cold vanilla cream mascarpone and sweet apricots but I sure as hell didnt feel like it was worth $18!!!! 3.3/5

Service was friendly though lacking at times, I poured my own water q a few times. Food very average, only the tart from the appetizers left an impression, the rest, nope. Desserts are too expensive for the quality. 

Provence le Restaurant
31 Keong Saik Road
Mon-Fri 12-2.30pm, 7-10.30pm
Sat: 6-10.45pm

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