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Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

How it looks from afar~ When you see "Singapore Post" opposite Tanglin Mall, you know you're at the right building :) Its just further in!

Interior! They have q a few tables and big ones too for large grps and it wouldnt hurt to make reservations either esp during peak periods!

Where you order and pay after deciding!

Pizza in the works and breads for the bread basket!

Granola Chic
with yoghurt, honey, nuts, dried figs and cranberries

I didnt really enjoy this because of how stickyyyyyy the figs + cranberries were! Dont get me wrong, I'm a hugeass fan of both but somehow, idk why there were lumps of fig mixed w oth nuts or granola or sth but it was supersuper sticky and it sticks all over your teeth and chewing it is kinda like a chore??? Other than that, I liked the sourrrrr and tangy yoghurt + the granola (Aka the toasted oats) itself! 3/5

Artisan Breadbasket

I liked that the bread was toasted to purrrrfection :) It was crispy when it came and remained so! Not hot though but we could live with it considering how crispy it was :) There were 4 types of bread:

White ciabatta: this is duhhh haha the only white one there! Didnt eat this cos am not a fan of white bread but the boy says its fluffy and crispy and was super good with the butter + strawberry preserves!!

Cereal rye bread: I liked this! Not too dense, quite fluffy!

Beer bread: can't really taste the beer but it was of good texture nonetheless

Walnut raisin bread: there were walnut and raisin bits in ours but they were so tiny!!!! Quite missable hahaha but still, good bread texture.

I'd say their breads win in terms of texture, fluffy light and crispy. Yum :) 4.3/5

Strawberry Preserves

They forgot to give us our jams when they served our food so we asked for it! We noticed there's also fig jam and an orange coloured one (am assuming orange or apricot?) anw this strawberry one was AWESOME haha the boy and I ate it w our mains :) and of course, we slathered it on the bread! Why? Its not too sweet and its not like too watery either aiya just try it k haha :) I'd LOVE to try the fig jam but the oth tables had it. If only they had like jams of every flavour for every table, that'd be great

Smoked salmon omelette
A fluffy omelette with Scottish salmon, cream cheese and fresh chives

Do note, it says that for "Eggs" they're served with side salad, 2 pieces of toast with butter and jam on the side, unless otherwise noted. But the 2 pieces of toast is actually the bread basket posted above and also the bread basket in the menu so yup don't double order! :) Ok this was the boy's main and I could tell it was super creamy!!! Its almost like scrambled eggs inside haha. They were q generous w the salmon; though there weren't many pieces, the pieces were q big! There's cream cheese in it so its prolly the reason why it's so creamy but dont worry, its not too jia lat! Quite an average dish I'd say. 3/5

It's a good place to chill and catch up with friends, its spacious and lots of natural light comes in so yea feels good chilling there. Saw many families, old, young, small kids, etc. so I'm guessing it's q a hit with the families!! There's parking right outside the restaurant and its free else you'd have to park at the basement which costs $$! They just opened not long ago so I guess there are still issues to be ironed out? For example, we were not served cutlery when our dishes were served unlike oth tables which were given a metal tin w cutlery in it even before their dishes were served. Our bread didnt come w jam. And we told the cashier to get us iced water but the water only came aft asking for it so yup. Some issues to be ironed out! Else service was q okay.

Oh yes even though its like brunch (Weekend brekkie-lunch time) you can still order frm the lunch menu!!

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar
56 Tanglin Road (opp Tanglin Mall where Swiss Butchery is but behind that!)
Website (their menu's in the photos!)

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