Tuesday, March 27, 2012

baker & cook

This place has been garnering much attention from the press and bloggers alike, and I too have been waiting for the boy to get back for a chance to go try out their desserts! After our lunch at Alkaff, I asked the boy to bring me to baker&cook for desserts!

LOOK at what they have to offer!!

Lemon tart: I felt that the lemon curd was quite tart and tangy, it was a little more watery than normal lemon curds and personally I prefer the tart shell to be more substantial? This was quite a thin layer (like those old sch cream cheese tart kinda thing) I prefer the kind of tart shell like the one on the right of lemon tart! Nonetheless the tart shell was crispy and crumbly! 4.3/5

Strawberry: Eaten as a whole, the cream tasted rather bland? It was more of a "filling", there just to stick strawberries to the tart crust! Crust was good, crispy, of nice thickness and buttery! On the whole, nothing to shout abt 3.8/5

Donut (bambolini) with jam: The boy said this was not bad! Sorry didnt try so cant give any comments!

Carrot cake: Wowww this was quite good! They had pineapple chunks in it but not too many so I'm ok w it. Walnuts - q generous, cream cheese frosting wasnt too sweet (Y), cake was moist and crumbly, strong cinnamon taste! The boy liked this too!!! 4.8/5

Cookbooks published by the owner of baker&cook

Their menus! Totally coming back to try out their brunch and salads!!! Oh and BUY THEIR BREAD haha. They had tasters for the fig, aniseed and sourdough bread (its 1 bread) that day, mmm aniseed taste was quite strong, couldnt really taste the fig. Texture of bread was ok only tho I felt! Would be nice if they had smaller versions of their bread so that I could try 'em out before buying the whole loaf!

baker & cook
77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood Ave

Omg that stretch of shophouses house SO many restaurants!!! Residents living in the area are so lucky

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