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Savour 2012


*this post was typed by the boy but I decided to post it though its not finished yet in case some of you want to see what's on offer in case you're going down today! Will finish posting it on Mon/Tues!*

Located at the heart of the city, the inaugural Savour festival has brought together chefs and many people from all over to world to showcase their culinary skills and also promoting their products. 

It wasn't the best of start to the day as it was drizzling but luckily, the skies cleared as it past noon. It was a wise choice though, to go early as we need not fight the crowd to queue up to get our food. 

We've done a lil' homework and we found out that the 'Molecular Xiao Long Bao' has limited sales so we 'attacked' 'Bo Innovation' right from the start! 

Some information/description on their food

'Egg Waffles, with black truffle and vanilla ice cream'

Do not be deceived by this mundane-looking waffles and ice cream. One bite of it and you will understand what I mean. Egg waffles with a wee bit of pine nuts and some flakey truffle. The aroma alone is enough to make you go crazy! 

This egg waffles must've possessed some power to retain it's crispy-ness. Even with the ice cream on top, it doesn't seem to get soggy. Or perhaps, we were eating too quickly but it was still crispy hahaha! Egg waffles we usually eat are quite fluffy and gets a little chewy inside. But this one, it is on the lighter note, something that can make you eat on and on and on and....

The combination of the waffles, ice cream, truffle and every other ingredients used was all measured to perfection. I may be bias (since I like truffle) but there must be a reason why people are queuing up for it too! This light-hearted dessert was so good that we had no hesitation to go for another one! GIVE ME MOREEEEEE!!!  MUST-TRY

'Molecular Xiao Long Bao'

The girl has always been into the art of combining molecular science and food together. And we've read elsewhere that this is a hot product that could be sold out anytime. To like this dish, you have to be a little bold. And boy, it sure brings you a surprise when you 'pop' this little 'bao' into your mouth. No meat, no xlb skin, just the essence of a typical xlb, packed into this ball. It tasted like a xlb and we both agreed that this is something really special.

'Har Mei Lo Mein'

If you're trying to figure out the name of this dish, fret not, we are having trouble trying to pronounce it too. This is a simple pasta dish dressed with 'har mei' oil and powder. There are also prawn roes to give a bursting effect in your mouth. I quite like this 'Mein' but the girl thinks otherwise. Depends very much on your personal taste and preferences? 

Next booth, we had to fly to france to have a taste of Chef Alain Passard's work.

The first 2 dishes, v unique, this salad was like any normal salad, v average, not worth it!

The chef

We liked all 3 dishes, but I didnt like the cod as much tho it was v soft but to me, didnt have the cod taste!

Chef Bien Nguyen of Xu Restaurant, Vietnam
Restauranteur of the Year 2011

Only scallops were good. Fish a little too tough, the dessert was just choc mousse and idk what the rest are cos cant taste anything!

THIS SOUP IS SO APPETISING. V SOUR AND LOTS LOTS OF SEAFOOD!!!! V worth the $$, please go get this!

This was so so, couldnt tell ice cream was pop-corn ice cream!

Oh and if you've yet to try Gunther's angel hair pasta, do try it at Savour! Its v good, but we didnt try cos we've eaten it at the restaurant alr!

Shots of the area

Gourmet Auditorium where Masterclasses by the invited chefs are held

A class on sous-vide cooking by Chef Mark Richards from Keystone Restaurant

and below, pics of Chef Emmanuel Stroobant giving a Masterclass on Foie Gras! He's a funny guy, good sense of humour, knows how to present himself and food in front of a crowd, and I certainly learnt a lot from him in that 45mins!

At the Gourmet Marketplace, expect to try A WIDE VARIETY of diff things! Caviar (yes you read that right! Caviar!) jamon (spainish ham), tuna, beef, fruits, vegetables - beetroot, tomatoes etc, cheese, spreads, juices, oils etc.

Sake tasting at ThreeSixty

The sashimi is VERY value for $$$$ super cheap I'd say!

Lots of yummy cheese tasting (:

Choose any seafood you want! Bought the Norwegian Salmon, think its $3.80/100g or sth like that! 

Clotted cream!!!!! Heard its v hard to find it in Singapore, but there you have it! (:

LOTS of diff meat on offer, angus beef, lamb, sausages, etc! They even cook it on the spot for you to try!

You can try allll of these~ bought the semi-dried tomatoes!! V good I'd say cos it still retains some of the juicyness!

This tomato was v sweet! Tastings available too!

This was good but not as good as Joselito below~ 

I forgot the name of the oysters but it starts with T and is $22.90 for 6, not the Fin de Claire ones definitely! These are plump and juicyyyy, totally slurp-licious! Fin de Claire's more salty but these arent's! So depends on what you like (: They freshly shuck it for you!

Also tried de la creme's macarons today but that'll be a post for another day!!! 

There's also a place SPECIALLY dedicated to wine! From NZ, Aussie, Italy, France, you get the chance to savour ALL the wines. Red, white. Just get a glass at the entrance and go around sampling the diff types of wine! Mind you, they aren't run of the mill ones, they are those that have won awards. Sorry, not a wine connoisseur so idk how good they are!

Hope yall have fun at Savour because its certainly the best opportunity to taste so many different things all in the same venue! (: 

Savour 2013, see you next year!

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