Monday, July 18, 2011


Decided to try this new restaurant as it serves the Thai, French and Western cuisine. Saw it in the newspapers after we came back from lunch!

The menu is just behind the paper they place on your table.

Interior of the restaurant

Foie Gras with duck rillette and apricot jam

A huge piece of duck liver! One of the largest piece I've seen. It was crisp outside no doubt, but I felt the liver wasnt really fresh and tasted rather bland. Also, it didnt really go well with the duck rillette (thing below the hugeass foie gras). The jam was nice though! 3/5

Thai Fish Cakes with Mango salad

Fish cakes were pretty good. The mango salad lacked that little hint of spiciness you usually taste in authentic Thai cuisine. The salad wasn't as refreshing as we thought it would be. 2/5

Seafood bouillabaisse with garlic crostini

Served in a mini black pot, this seafood soup is rich in taste. The aroma of the soup gives you an inkling on how much seafood has been used for the soup. Fresh ingredients like prawn, scallops, clams and mussels could be found in the pot. Every spoon of soup makes you feel as though you are just next to the ocean. The garlic crostini that came with it was outstanding even when eaten on it's own. Lightly crisped on the edges, fluffy texture inside with the aroma of garlic that wasn't overpowering, neither will your mouth smell of garlic after that! Comfort food at its best! 4.2/5

Pad Thai (Chicken)

Option to choose between pork, chicken and seafood. The portion was quite big but it was disappointing. The noodles were tough and they were stuck in lumps. The flavours of the noodles were not strong either. I would definitly not recommend this to anyone. 1.5/5

Linguine Vongole

The linguine was cooked to firm texture but not hard. The tastes of the clams and wine were infused in the linguine, though foodies with a preference for something with stronger flavours would not like this dish. I would say that the are pretty generous with the clams. 3/5

Oven Roasted Snapper with Zucchini Gratin and pine nuts

The fish was baked such that the skin was slightly crispy. The freshness of the fish was further brought out by the light salt and pepper seasoning. You can also see how fresh the fish was by looking at the super white flesh! Beneath the fish lies a bed of zucchini gratin which could be made better if the gratin was slightly smoother. The zucchini slices were really big though, which is a good thing, I think! (: On the whole, it was a slightly above average fish dish although the portion was a little small. Accompanying the dish was also a side salad and some kind of sauce with distinct honey taste and pine nuts which was really good! 3.5/5

Hazelnut Crunch Bar with Passionfruit Coulis and Berries

This was chocolate mousse atop a crunchy base that spelled chocolate heaven!! The mousse was really heavenly and good quality chocolate was used. Awesome piece of chocolate cake! The passionfruit coulis was really sour! Warning to those who cant take sour stuff, do not try it! I loved it though (: 4.4/5

Warm Lemon Lava Cake with Vanilla Cream, Sesame biscuit and fruits

This tasted like lemon tart in a warm cake form!! Awesome much!!!! Loved the molten lemon centre (: Great great dish! The boy couldnt stop raving and thinking about this dish even after we left the restaurant! He even said he'd make sure he learnt how to make it. It was a much welcomed change from the ol' chocolate lava cake! The cream would have been much better if it was cold! The sesame biscuit thing was really good! The aroma of the roasted sesames could be smelt from quite a distance after the biscuit was broken into two! FYI waiting time's around 15mins! 4.5/5

Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream

Sad to say, there wasnt any coconut taste in the ice cream at all. Mom took a huge scoop of the ice cream but couldnt taste anything :/ She commented that the red ruby was nice though! There was also melon pieces at the bottom! 3.2/5

Service was not bad, progressively got better! They do not serve complimentary bread though. They have an outdoor seating area and an area for kids to play (has quite a lot of stuff!!) but the interior has a rather limited seats! I suggest you stay away from the thai food and you must definitely order desserts!! We thought desserts faired better.



  1. Interesting place :) Thanks for the review. Now here is one more to my check-out list.

    What kinda cuisine do they serve btw? I see a bit of Thai and western. The desserts look absolutely beautiful

  2. They serve Thai, French and Italian! Like pastas, green curry/pad thai stuff, fish/meat/pizzas, western + thai appetisers etc. Yup the desserts are good!


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