Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fine Palate 1

Complimentary Bread w dip

OMG THE BREAD AND DIP ARE TO DIE FOR!!! The bread is crispy on the edges and wonderfully soft and fluffy in the middle!!! There is also the slight aroma from the herbs used to bake the bread. The bread is superb on its own but when paired with the dip, oh my, I could eat it forever! When the boy and I came on my 2nd visit, we asked for more bread and the dip and mopped everything up!! 5/5

Tuna and Capellini (cold)
Sushi grade rare tuna and capellini, tossed in a sesame shoyu dressing

This was really appetising and flavourful! The shoyu dressing brought a tinge of tanginess to the dish and the tuna was definitely fresh!! Great dish I must say! 4.2/5

Mixed Greens and Quinoa Salad
High protein organic quinoa, green peas, chick peas edamame, cannellini beans, fine beans with minted lemon vinaigrette

This is a great salad for those who want to have a really healthy meal! I enjoyed my salad with the taste of all the different types of beans and the rocket/spinach leaves at the bottom! 4/5

Fine Palete Cafe
Waterloo Street

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