Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fine Palate 2

With the option to sit either in or outside of the restaurant, we decided to have brunch inside to stay clear from the hot sweltering weather.

First to come to our table is the Lemon Meringue Milkshake.

If you like lemon tart and vanilla ice cream, imagine blending the tart together with the ice cream. It tasted exactly like a lemon tart with bits of meringue on top to ease the sour-ish feeling. To me, it is one of the most interesting milkshake I've ever tried and I liked it! However, it might taste a little more milky to some. 4/5

The boy ordered Linguini with Smoked Paprika and Salmon

Pasta lovers who fancy cream based pastas will love this dish. Lots of salmon, lots of mushroom and lots of cream but where's the paprika? This, to me is just an ordinary pasta but I have to say, it tasted pretty good and it is value for money. 3/5

I ordered the The Mediterranean.

Served with 2 pieces of dark rye toast and a small plate of butter, it has a whole lot to offer. In the plate is a mixture of garden greens like tomatoes, zucchini and red pepper. There was also spicy salami in it! The eggs were cooked in a way that you can savor the rich, creamy, liquid form egg yolk and the solid form one. (it consists of 2 organic sunny side up eggs hence the 2 yolks) Great choice for a weekend brunch. 3.6/5

A Chocolate Dome came after we finished our mains.

Initially, we thought it would be like a chocolate fondant. We were getting our forks and camera ready in anticipation to capture the flowing molten centre. But to our surprise, it was the bits of the centre of the chocolate cake that came off. The Dome was a pretty average chocolate cake so you might as well spend the money on something else. It was supposed to be accompanied by vanilla ice cream, but the boy and I couldnt identify the flavour of the ice cream. The sesame crisp thing was good though, faint tastes of ginger! 2.8/5

I agree with that statement (:

Will definitely go back to try out their other soba dishes! Oh and the first time I went (on Tuesday) they told me dessert of the day was carrot cake, and on Saturday (the same week) they told me it was carrot slice. When I asked if that was same as carrot cake, the waitress said yes! So, I dont know whether they actually do change their dessert of the "day".

The service there is polite and un-intrusive.

Fine Palete Cafe
Waterloo Street

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