Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Line Sunday Brunch

Hello! Hope January has been nice to y'all so far :)

For the month of January, The Line has a buffet promotion of 1 dines for free with 2 diners for any of their buffet timings (ie weekday/weekend, lunch/dinner) so we seized the chance and went for Sunday Brunch! Usual price is $98++ per person with free flow of juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee! Sorry the pics are dark! Dont have much time to edit photos now sorry!

Here's the spread:

Cold seafood: generally all acceptable, nothing especially outstanding! Great spread though :) have oysters AND lobsters!

Japanese counter - sashimi, sushi, assorted Jap appetizers! Was shocked to see edamame cos usually hotel buffets dont have this! But uh this one was cold and tasted funny :/ sashimi was alright

Western station with smoked salmon pizzas, risotto cakes, mini burgers etc

Pasta station - order wtv you want! 

The boy ate the mushroom cream sauce and said its amazing and came back for more!!!!

Dessert section:

There's a salad bar as well with a rather big selection!

Chinese noodles section + roast meats

Indian station - paneer, dhal, veg curry, briyani etc

Naan, butter chicken, papadam (wanted to take the naan but it looks really oily!)

What's special is that they have satay & roti prata!!

Thai style fried fish

Bread counter + roast beef & yorkshire pudding

Dimsum selection here is rather wide for an international buffet comprising char siew bao, siew mai, har gow, veg dumpling, crystal dumplings, lor mai gai (if memory serves me right), in the middle is double boiled soup!

There's even an omelette station! Just like in breakfast buffets!

Ready-made salads

Topping + dressing selection

Bacon! Apparently this was vvvvv crispy!

Lamb Tagine (turkish!) - not bad but not aromatic enough for me

Fried mee tai mak! Another thing you dont see often in buffets

I suggest taking macarons early if you like them 'cos they replace it with sth else when they run out!

Chocolate tart next to it is really really good

Their chocolate cakes are generally all v good! Love the crunchy base and decadent chocolate :)

Carrot cake (the one right at the back) - not bad

Fruit tart (small round one) - nice tart base

Fruit tarts (triangle slices in middle) - nice tart base too!

Cake on the right (red mousse layer one) - didnt like this at all, tastes weird

Green one right in front - nice mix of flavours!

Mushroom cream pasta the boy liked

We also celebrated a birthday there and they gave us a complimentary cake that was quite delicious!! Many other tables celebrated birthdays there and the staff will sing you a bday song too :) Service was quite good, complimentary parking available! Water wasnt constantly refilled but plates were cleared on time. 

Generally I'd say there is definitely variety at The Line, food quality wise is okay for the variety of food! Desserts are definitely good here. Cold seafood - great selection as well! So I'd say well if variety is what you're looking for, The Line may just be it!

The Line

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