Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oscar's Amazing Grace Sunday Brunch

The boy and I decided to go for the Amazing Grace Sunday Brunch as it happened to be the last Sunday of May and this brunch only happens on the last Sunday of each month!

The brunch starts at 12pm but we arrived at 12.30pm, the restaurant was I think 1/4 full? Not the scene I usually see in buffet restaurants during Sunday brunch, but anyway, we were too hyped up about the pretty spread in front of us! :)

Freshly shucked oysters

There were 6 kinds!! Loch fyne, fine de claire no. 3, Tasmanian, some canadian one and forgot the last one sorry!

Cold seafood!

Crayfish, yabby, mussels, prawns, lobster, crab

Ala carte menu

You can basically order anything you want here, any number of times. They'll serve you the seafood chowder automatically idk why. Oh yes, you order with the service staff and then they'll bring the food to your table. The wait is about 10mins or so!

Chilled lobster with lychee sphere and caviar

This was uh totally sub-par, couldnt taste anything at all

Seared scallop with cauliflower emulsion and bacon powder (left)

Uh this was kinda sub-par too, couldnt taste cauliflower, scallop was soft, bacon powder tasted faintly like bacon

We didnt eat sushi/sashimi that day so no comments about these!


This is the LARGEST salad station I've ever seen at a hotel buffet, this is not even all of it! There's a parmesan bowl if you wanna mix your salad in it and some other salad stuff at both ends of this pic. Sorry, wasnt tall enough to fit everything in haha. But anw, the stuff available are quite interesting!

Green tomato, black tomato, diff kinds of red tomatoes, round beetroot, sliced beetroot, diff kinds of nuts + in diff "states" (like natural or roasted etc) - walnuts, cashew, pine etc. Radish, cucumber, anything you can think of basically!

And they have the most marvelous collection of VINEGARS!! They have fig vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, idk what other diff kinds, but many for you to choose from :) I was so happy and psyched about that!

Mushroom brulee with caviar

If I'm not wrong is brulee. This was sub-par too.

Seafood chowder (Ala carte menu)

Creamy and chunky but not overly creamy!! Would be better if there was more seafood inside, many potatoes though! Not a bad rendition of it.

Roasted Prime Rib

Stuffed and roasted whole chicken

The boy was given a hugeass slab of beef at this station and he said it was a tad dry :/

Salt baked salmon

This was quite good! It wasnt as tender/soft/flakey as I'd like it to be, but it was close enough.


They have a HUGE variety and I totally love this :)

Chefs preparing for dishes on ala carte menu

Pics of what we had: 

Pan-seared Goose Liver (Ala carte menu)
With pickled portobello, toasted brioche, truffle honey drizzle and port wine jus

I was quite sad 'cos the goose liver was on the thin side for me haha couldnt eat to my heart's content! Portobello mushroom's the one right at the bottom (not another goose liver haha) and it was juicy and nice as usual, the toast was v crisp! But I liked eating the goose liver on its own :) couldnt taste any truffle though. Would have been better if the pieces of liver were thicker!

Butter poached lobster
Served with quail egg, leek fondue and lemon beurre blanc

The boy said this was quite good if I didnt rmb wrongly! :)

Baked Cod Fish
with potato and lobster bisque espuma, tomato ragout, herbs salad and vincotto galzed

This was sub-par too, the sauce totally covered the naturally sweet tasting cod and well, it was a little overcooked, so I wasnt happy with this dish.

Beets, mixed nuts, dried fruit chips from the salad bar and a cracker + fig jam!

Ordered many more portions of goose liver! We told them to just combine the orders haha. The slices given were still very thin :(

Parmesan bread with dips
Olive oil + balsamic, butter, duck pate

I was lamenting about how this buffet doesnt serve breads unlike others (I know who notices the bread counter at buffets right?? But I do haha) then they served this! A waitress will it bring to your table and offer it to you. I was happy for a moment but after biting into the bread, I didnt like it :/ It was too hard for me and not fragrant!

Twice cooked pork belly
with chickpea and eggplant puree, mango, coriander and red onion salad

The boy LOVED this! He couldnt stop raving about how crispy the skin was and that it had minimal fat, so he thought this was really good :)

Braised Wagyu Short-rib
with moromi miso aubergine relish, cucumber mint salad, horseradish and potato foam

The boy said the beef was very soft and tender and he liked it too! :)

Bread pudding

Assorted cookies

Waffle station with assorted sauces and fruit squares

Assorted cookies

Ice cream + choc truffle + cookie + ice cream condiments 

Condiments included: marshmallows, gummy bears, diff gummies, etc


This is one serving. When ordering, they'd ask you how many so just tell them how many of this you want! You can opt for your waffle to go w ice cream! The waffle was not bad, not as fluffy or crispy as I'd liked it to be but still, not bad.

Sweets!! Mainly repeated though, so actually, the spread isnt that big haha 

Green tea chestnut amarean (cake slices in the foreground): not nice, no green tea taste nor chestnut taste!

Tiramisu (behind green tea): didnt try

Chocolate royal hazelnut crunch

This was gooood, best dessert for me that day!! Heavenly dark choc mousse atop a superduper crunchy layer at the bottom!! Ate like 3 or 4 slices of this!! Yum!!

Black forest torte

Strawberry shortcake

Not worth your calories at all

Pear crumble

Cherry tart

Not worth the calories

Not worth the calories, can barely taste anything

Lychee and pear charlotte

Only tasted lychee cos there was a whole lychee in there, not worth the calories too.

Mango truffle (white choc ganache with mango and yoghurt): This was good!!! Really tasted like mango yoghurt

Delilah (pure dark hazelnut gianduja): woahh this was dark and bitter! I like!

Left to right:

Milk rocher (roasted almonds w milk choc): didnt try this
Citron (white choc and lemon): didnt try this either!

Left: champange vanilla truffle: mmm full of champagne! Nice!

Right - orange surfine (dark ganache with natural orange paste): didnt try this either!

Scoop of ice cream! - Passionfruit mango

This was gooooood, so sour and yummy after a heavy meal :) If I'm not wrong, the ice creams are from Movenpick! They have creme brulee, choc, vanilla, strawberry, and I forgot what else! 

They have fruits also, in small cubes tho :/ Watermelon, rock melon, honeydew, guava, etc.

Modern Baked Apple Tart
Served with honey anglaise sugar praline and toasted pistachio

I thought this was ok only, forgettable 


They also had a cheese section, with about 9 or so cheese varieties?

Or you can ask for ice cream in a cone! :)

Complimentary mints

Given to us after paying! They dont have complimentary parking tho :/ Which is quite a bummer!

Service was definitely friendly there, but inattentive at times 'cos our drinks were not refilled most of the time and we had to ask them to do it.

We both felt the spread was quite good in terms of variety, but it lacks in quality in some places esp in the desserts section. The seafood was good, mains were ok. There was also a noodle bar outside, where there was bak kut teh and some oth local favs on offer as part of the buffet but we didnt venture out to try those haha.

It was 78++ per person but there was a Citibank promo with 15% discount so I think it was $150 or so for both of us!

And just to let y'all know, the boy and I had diarrhoea three times after the buffet and we didnt eat brekkie or dinner that day so it must've been Oscar's. I called the restaurant to give them feedback and they said they'll get back to me about it but have yet to do so.

Update: the manager did call me back and told me he'll gimme and the boy complimentary afternoon tea at lobby lounge but we've yet to go!

Conrad Hotel Singapore


  1. hi, is the ala carte menu part of the buffet as well?

    1. Hi Chloe! Yes the ala carte menu featured here is part of the buffet :)

  2. So you ate like a damn pig and then start complaining about ever how everything is not good? I was looking for reviews of the Conrad brunch buffet, needless to say I will never be back at this blog again

    1. Anonymous: Well I didnt say everything is not good, there were things that we tried which I said was good or that we loved it. Of course there were dishes which we felt weren't good. It isnt possible in a buffet to have everything that's delicious. We ate like "a damn pig" because we wanted to try as many things as possible? I dont think it's wrong to try as many things as we can in a buffet and then give our opinions on what is nice and what is not. Thank you for your comment, though.

  3. diarrhoea???????? Are you kidding me????? I'll think twice before eating anywhere that gives food poisoning!!!

  4. you skipped breakfast and dinner. no wonder you had diarrhoea. don't blame the restaurant for that.


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