Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nana's Green Tea Cafe

When Jcube opened, I didnt care much about it or was anxious to go there because firstly, Jurong is SO far away and I thought there wasn't anything interesting in the mall. However, when I looked at the shop listing, I realised there was a shop called "nana's green tea" and upon googling, I realised that it hails from Japan and has many outlets in Japan + other Asian countries!

So I was v excited about it and sweetly asked the boy to fetch me alllll the way to Jcube just to try this out haha. The things we'd do for food haha. Nana's green tea cafe is on the 2nd floor and its a order at the counter system. The counter is like right in front of the shop, you go in and order then its free seating! There's self-service water at the side if you dont wanna order drinks.

Exterior of Jcube

For those who dont know, the carpark is near the library! The carpark sign was totally blocked by the tree in front of it the last time we went haha

Here are pics of their menu, click to enlarge!

They have a set-lunch promo at $13 which includes salad, soup and a choice of a few galettes.

Drinks menu below

The service there was quite good, was impressed by the fact that though I only ordered one galette and added on my hoji-cha to make it a set (pay another $2.80), they gave us 2 cups and 2 sets of cutlery! :)

This is the interior of the restaurant! Looks kinda like a cage to me... Its quite relaxing sitting there, eating the galette or having tea or having some sweets but if the view were nicer, it'd be great. For now, there's only people walking in/out to contend with and the opp HDB flat shops.

Scallop and Ratatouille 
Scallop saute, ratatouille, cheese and green onions

I thought the ratatouille will be the french style kind and has eggplants, tomatoes etc but this one has more uh lemme see, hawaiian pizza kind? Tomato base with onions mainly. Good amount of cheese, not too much though so cheese lovers might be slightly disappointed. Scallops, springy bite to it not much taste to it though. I'd say the texture of the galette (or what the French would call crepes like those in Creperie des Arts and its made of the same thing, buckwheat flour.) is thicker than those I had in Creperie des Arts, its soft and a little a little bit only chewy. 

Its quite substantial for one and totally enough if you're having it for lunch!! I was v full after it and the lady at the other table couldnt finish it! Recommend sharing this actually! Oh yes, the texture is also different from those in Canele, thicker and softer but still, not bad! Some parts of the galette wasnt filled with any ingredients and it was at the parts with "folds" so it was quite thick there! But overall, not bad I'd say. 3.5/5

Matcha Parfait
$11.80 (but there's GSS promo so its $8.80!)

After eating a few mouthfuls of this, there was a sudden influx of Jap housewives and all of 'em ordered this! Lemme break it down for you:

1) Cream with green tea sauce
2) Chunky red bean paste-ish
3) Green tea ice cream (its on the other side)
4) Mochi (plain ones, chewy too)
5) Cornflakes
6) Vanilla ice cream (superrrrrrr milky and this milk, once eaten you can tell this is definitely from Japan! Cos only the Japanese milk tastes like this! As weird as that may sound haha)
7) Green tea syrup (barely had any taste)
8) Transparent jellies with no taste haha

Not bad la, quite enjoyable haha. We wanted to try the hoji-cha parfait at first but cos this had promo, we had this instead!

The waitresses there are all Japanese or fluent in Jap. Would I go back for more? I dont think so, not worth me traveling all the way down, but if I'm at Jcube for wtv reason, I dont mind trying another galette :)

Oh, top-up for tea is available! Free refill! :)

Nana's Green Tea Cafe


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