Friday, January 20, 2012

Min Jiang Kueh Hunt Round 1

Hi! I'm looking for the best MJK in Singapore! This is just part 1 of my MJK diaries! Okay let me give you my criteria:
  • Generous fillings
  • Filling must not be too sweet, must have the nice roasted peanut aroma
  • Kueh must not be rubbery, must be soft and pillowy
  • Good kueh to peanut filling ratio
  • Ideally, it shld be hot! (because to me, that's when you can truly enjoy MJK!)

Contender #1: Weng's Pancake

Have been reading quite a few reviews on Weng's Min Jiang Kueh so I decided to try it out! I guess the kueh's green cos pandan is infused into it? But I couldnt taste any pandan. The peanut filling was quite little, towards the end there was no peanut filling alr. Kueh was soft no doubt. Peanut wasnt v aromatic, didnt have the attack-nose peanut smell? But this was cheap, 50cents for one! 3/5

Contender #2: Pastry King

Min Jiang Kueh

The first time I ate this, I thought I was in MJK heaven haha. Because the kueh was pillowy and soft, piping hot, and the nuts smelled so darn good and it wasnt too sweet! Just nice! And there was a lot of filling. So add that up all together and I was in MJK heaven (: And best part was, there were bits of crispy stuff at the sides! Like the thinner parts of the kueh dough/where they cut it so it was crispy too at some parts! I reallyyyy loved this one and was glad to have found this! 5/5

However, I must warn you, there are days when quality of this isnt good at all! That day, the aunty just made it and I bought 2 pieces immediately thinking they'd be awesome since its freshly made but to my disappointment, this time the peanut filling wasn't enough! Measly in fact though the fact that it was piping hot made up for it a little! And there was another day when the kueh felt like it wasn't like the first time I tried, so yup. Guess its down to luck man haha. This is $1 per piece

Butter cake

Mom commented that the butter cake was not bad, quite loose though butter taste could be stronger!

Egg Tart

Please DO NOT try the egg tart. I saw quite a few people buying so well, I jumped on the bandwagon as well and to my horror (I now know I shld trust the rational side of myself who learned not to go w the masses so easily) I was sorely disappointed!! The tart was quite hard and the custard was just ew. Not fragrant and tasted super duper eggy. Fails in every category. Maybe it was just an off day, but argh no more egg tarts from here for me!

Contender #3: Some coffeeshop in Compassvale

My Mom heard from her friends that this store sells awesome MJK so she brought me there and we tried, but sadly, peanuts were a little too sweet and kueh too chewy at some parts maybe cos its been left out for too long? Peanuts weren't v crispy and a little lao hong or tastes a bit old? 3/5

I've heard great reviews abt the one at Pek Kio FC and of course, I've yet to try the famous Tanglin Halt! If yall have any recommendations, please comment!! OR anywhere yall want me to try out! (: Am v bummed that the one at Kovan FC isnt selling MJK anymore :( The boy used to be a fan of theirs but now they arent selling it anymore!! Have been reading rave reviews abt them online as well (thought quite dated ones) But argh, so wasted :(

Contender 1: Weng's Pancake
Maxwell FC

Contender 2: Pastry King
AMK Central, the coffeeshop next to Courts!


  1. Definitely try Tanglin Halt's. It's my favourite! But they sell out early and sometimes, they don't open if Uncle's unwell. Best to go on Saturdays because turnover's incredibly high so you should get ur MJK nice and hot, crisp on the outside, chewing on the inside with super aromatic crushed roasted peanuts that Uncle makes from scratch. Yum!

    Tried Pek Kio's but didn't think too much of it. But... that's just my preference. =)

  2. @chewingonlife: Omg your description makes me want to go down now and get it!!! But well, the store's probably closed now haha. Gotta wait till next Sat then! Cant wait to eat it hehe. Thanks for the heads up!! (:

  3. Do try the stall at taman jurong! Not too thick and pillowy, but still so yummy. Takes away whatever guilt. Your pics got me hungry! :)

  4. @Jude: do you know the name of the stall? Or is there only one at taman jurong haha. is it in taman jurong mkt and food centre? Haha I shall take that as a compliment? (:


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