Saturday, January 14, 2012

camille patisserie

This is considered a relatively new patisserie? Although it has already been featured on 8days (saw the mag spread while eating the cakes there haha) and they're featured rather extensively as well! I think the pics of the feature are on their fb page!

Anw so the boy and I decided to hunt it down and explore a side of Chinatown that we have yet to explore (we have, since I became a little crazy over food/desserts, been really good at navigating through the streets of Chinatown). And it was like an eye-opener really! Far East Square is such an interesting place!

Entrance to the small little patisserie

Cakes & Macarons on display

According to the lady behind the counter, there will always be a few signature cakes on the shelf such as the Mademoiselle, and the cafe (as in coffee) then tarts, if I'm not wrong lemon tart is always there as well? The stuff on the top row are macarons! When we went, there was a promotion of getting 2 cakes and get 3 macarons free! This was on 27th Dec 2011, so I'm not sure if the promotion is still available!

Mademoiselle $7.50
Almond joconde biscuit, light bavarian cream, strawberry mouse, fresh strawberries

Well its like a thin layer of soft cotton cake wrapped around the strawberry mousse and cream? I thought it was quite interesting because I've never eaten a cake like that before. The mousse is rather smooth, but not as smooth as kki's mmm, strawberry taste was quite strong. A light yummy cake for an afternoon. 4/5

Lemon Tart $7.30
Sweet pastry tart case, special lemon cream, livening glaze, fresh orange slice

The orange slice went really well with the lemon tart I felt!! The lady told us that the tart shell is really crispy so she offered to cut it for us since we were sharing! And boy were we glad we did that! Else it'll be reallyyyyyy hard to eat it w a fork! Because its really super crispy! Crispiest tart shell I've ever eaten! If you like this kinda crust, then this is for you. Personally, I like it a little bit less crispy because to me, it doesnt feel that much like a tart anymore! But that said, the lemon cream was reallyyyy good. Tart and tangy, and like I said, went really well w orange slice! 4.3/5

The 3 macarons we got w the promotion

(L-R) Earl Grey, Lavender, Black Sesame
$1.80 per piece
$8.50 for 5

(and the price list goes on for more, they have up to 25 pieces, please check here for prices)


This had a reallyyyy strong lavender taste! Shell is the chewy kind that I like and its filled w ganache instead of cream, so yup ticks the first few boxes I have for macarons! I liked this for its strong floral taste. 4.6/5

Black Sesame

This didnt have a strong black sesame taste :/ 3.5/5

Earl Grey

Strong earl grey taste that really made me wish this macaron was a bigger piece!!! The ganache inside was perfumed with earl grey as well, yummyyyy. Earl Grey is one of my fav things in the world! 4.5/5

In short, I wished the macarons were bigger and the cakes are certainly rather expensive because well they're quite small. Most are either $7.30 or $7.50 so yup. But the pastry chef is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef so I guess thats what you're paying for? Head on down to this relatively new patisserie to see how it compares to your fav patisserie! 

Far East Square #01-05 (look at the map in far east square to navigate your way around!!!)
Closed on Sat
Mon-Fri 11.30am-7pm
Sun 1-6pm
(info copied from HGW)


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