Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jewels Artisan Chocolate & Orchard Central Food Recommendations

After hearing good things about their macarons, I finally get the chance to try them! FYI, I like chewy macarons with ganache type of filling and not the cream kind. Okay I'm more picky about chewy shells instead of fillings so gimme chewy shells anytime!

Set of 5 macarons

Filled with raspberry conserve & rose almond cream

This was sour-ish, raspberry taste was definitely there and we immediately loved the chewy shells (: Plus the fact that it wasnt just cream but the middle had a raspberry filling! We were also v glad that the macaron stayed almost true to the raspberry flavour and wasnt v sweet! 4/5

Passion Fruit
Filled with passion fruit conserve and almond cream

This was sour! Great for passion fruit/sour lovers! Wonderful after a meal I say. We love passion fruit so we loved this! 4.5/5

Butterfly Pea Bloom
Filled with kaya and pandan almond cream

Now I must really salute Jewels for coming up with something so local in taste but works out beautifully! I must say, its a perfect match! Love how we can really taste the pandan flavour and in cream and then later you taste kaya! Wonderful little macaron (: But well, only thing is you kinda know that they used food colouring or sth to make the shells such a pretty blue colour. But wtv, its pretty and it tastes wonderful, so who's complaining? :D 4.6/5

Black Palm Island Sea Salt
Filled with salted egg & almond cream topped with black palm island salt

THIS IS A MUST-TRY!!!!! Just like what most reviews have said/recommended, this is truly their signature macaron and something that you must-try! It is very unique and here, I applaud Jewel once again for creating something so unique, with local taste buds in mind and producing something so pretty and tasty! Lemme tell you the different layers of flavours you get in this small tiny macaron (idk if you can tell but its smaller than the rest and I was kinda grumpy at first abt that because I was thinking, no quality control? Why is this smaller than the rest??)

First, you get the slightly sweet chewy macaron shell, then you get a rather strong salted egg yolk taste (mmmm love it. Its like Tom's Palette's salted egg yolk ice cream!) then finally during the last few moments you feel the salt disintegrating on your tongue leaving a saltish taste. And then your eyes sparkle and you go "wow I cant believe that was a macaron" because really, salty and macaron? They dont really go together. Macaron + sweet, most will agree. But this is real good manz. I recommend yall to try it! 5/5

Oh yea, after trying it, I totally forgot abt being "annoyed' that it was smaller than the rest haha and proceeded to stay in macaron bliss and only remembered abt it when typing this post. Sorry if I sound easily satisfied, food does that to me.

Green Tea
Filled with green tea & dark chocolate crunchy pearl

A little bit sad for this macaron because we ate it after the amazing sea salt haha but if I didnt rmb wrongly the green tea taste wasnt very strong. Think this was my least fav macaron! 3.8/5

We went there on a Monday night around 8.30pm? There wasnt anyone in the shop, the waitresses were friendly and we were sitting opp Lush 99.5 FM's studio! Dont think there was anyone inside though haha. But anyway, its a great place to chill/have afternoon tea/have desserts at in bustling Orchard Road! And Orchard Central's looking really pretty with Vday decorations! Do head down to take pics and check Jewels out! (:

Other places in Orchard Central you might consider going to for food (its quite a foodie heaven!)
  • Parlour by Ashley Isham - its on the same floor as Jewels and it sells mille crepe cakes! In many diff flavours! They import it from this Malaysian bakery which is pretty famous in msia I think! But there are only abt 5 flavours at a time on display
  • cacao7 - low calorie chocolate desserts that sounds yummy! Its at B1 I think!
  • Kuriya Penthouse - v good quality jap if you have $$ to spend! (tried this before - one of my fav places in Spore for jap!)
  • Covelli - good Italian as reviewed here
Jewels Artisan Chocolate
Level 2 Orchard Central

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  1. Yay I'm glad you like jewels'! My number one too. Pity they don't have a wider range of flavours. And they don't store well either, best eaten on the spot.


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