Friday, November 22, 2013

New! Nescafe Smoovlatte, Smooth as Silk

I was very honoured to be part of the launch for this new Nescafe product, which I must say is very convenient and does pack a punch (more about the product later)!

Initially, I did not know that it would be an art jamming session. When I received the email about the launch, I freaked out totally because I. CANNOT. PAINT. nor draw nor do anything remotely artistic  :( I was like omgomgomgomg I can't believe I am gonna art jam, I have no idea how to paint or wtv the techniques. I don't even get idea popping into my head. Doodling was never my thing. My doodles were all so ugly I couldn't stand them myself so I don't doodle. 

BUT I must say, I really learnt a lot from this event. I have never been to such an event before where they were cameras taking photos of us doing stuff, we had to pose for photos, so I learnt quite a bit from the situation I was put in. Then, of course, I learnt quite a bit about painting with watercolour on a canvas and some techniques. You'll see my finished product later and well, please be nice or umm kind with your comments!! Totally a novice here.

The venue was Artistry cafe which was a place I've been wanting to visit (my list is v long) and well I didn't really get to try their food/desserts tonight but the atmosphere was good and well, some place I'd wanna go back to!

This was the layout tonight. Each to a canvas, watercolour, palette, brushes, apron, etc stuff you need!

These people played really really nice music for us while we were being picasso-like on the canvas (ya right) but anyway, I really forgot what their band name was I'm really really sorry, I would've remembered if I wasn't freaking out about the painting thingy! Wanted to clap for y'all too while you guys were playing but the painting just zapped all my focus and energy. Anyway, great music!! 

Nescafe Smoovelatte 

Now I don't drink coffee at all, but I had to try this and see if it was really "smooth as silk" like the punchline, and true enough! It was really extremely smooth, slides down your throat so easily! Its the milky kind of coffee but don't worry, it achieves a good balance so its not overly milky? There's still coffee taste in it. As for sweetness, I know everyone likes their coffee in differing levels of sweetness but honestly, this kinda caters to most tastes? Cos its very in between in terms of sweetness! Not too sweet yet there it is sweet, but not cloying! I found it rather enjoyable to drink it! 

This was what was served tonight as refreshments!
Okay generally I REALLY love their toast. Somehow it stays DAMN crispy even after being left outside in the aircon room for quite a long while!! I was super amazed and loved it. The toppings for both were yummy and flavourful: salmon and some pork thing respectively on the left & right. 

Didn't try the falafel. Parma ham + rock melon - parma ham didn't have much taste, rock melon wasn't sweet either so this was q average. Quiche was nice although idk what the fillings were! Crispy shell too! Which I liked :)

We were given this pasta thing but I didn't manage to eat it! So I can't comment on whether its nice or not!

Our work station

This is my finished product guys!

I took um quite a lot of courage to decide to put it up here because I honestly do not think its nice and ummm so yea.

Anyway background is coffee!!!!! Which I thought was quite cool haha they asked us to use coffee as a medium so coffee background the whole white canvas was all my mind could think of haha. 

Oh and those are coffee beans haha hopefully you can tell what they are without even needing to read this!

We were all given a goodie bag each to bring home and you see the CD over there on the right? I thought it was Smoovlatte's media images or something but!! Turns out its a legit music CD! Stacey Kent's The Changing Lights CD. Honestly I've never heard of her, but I went to listen to some songs just now and I like it! Very light, a bit playful and totally something you can chill to! No I'm not paid nor incentivised to review her CD, just saying what I think. Neither am I asked to write nice/good things about this product so everything in this review is only my own honest feelings! 

I really like how they package it in this bottle, super convenient (BUT don't underestimate it! Its 190ml!) and the ergonomics of the bottle fits your hand perfectly :) 

Girls and guys watching your weight take note! Fret not, yummy coffee at 110kcal per bottle! Anddddd how much does it cost? $1.30! 

I'll be giving the Smoovlatte away to my friends so that they can try it! Will you be getting one too?

Here are details about this new product and when you can get it!
At all 7-11 Stores in December 2013 officially but I heard you can get them at the end of this week from 7-11 stores!! So do pop by 7-11 (I know most of us do) and check it out! 

Only in January 2014 will the other convenience stores/petrol marts/supermarkets//hypermarkets etc be retailing this product.

This event was certainly something new for me and as what Nescafe said at the launch, they want to pioneer a new trend just as how art jamming is a new trend in Singapore. 

So thank you so much nuffnang for this learning experience and Nescafe for holding it!

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