Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pasarbella: Oceans of Seafood

So I heard there was a sushi restaurant in Pasarbella with fresh shipment from Japan, but sadly the food failed my expectations and I wouldnt go back for sushi anymore but I would go back to try their seafood!

Avocado Salmon Maki

For 4 pieces, I thought this was a bit on the expensive side since this is hard to go wrong and well tastes like how all the other makis taste, not bad! 4.3/5

Toku Jyou Jyuisshu Sushi Mori
11 kinds of special sushi item

I expected lots from this plate of sushi since there were my favs of otoro, uni, ebi & scallop but I'm sad to report that all of the sashimi wasnt cold enough! It was lukewarm which made it q gross to eat imo. We were seated at the counter in front of where the sashimi was kept and the boy and I both thought that the chiller holding the sashimi wasnt cold enough. Somehow when its lukewarm, I can barely taste the sweetness or what I am eating, just the texture which I thought was not what I paid for.

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  1. Everything at pasarbella is more pricer than any market in Singapore. Pricer does not equate to better. Not value for money.


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