Friday, August 30, 2013

New Bakery: Artisan Boulangerie Co.

I've been seeing some photos of tarts & pastries from this new bakery on Instagram and a quick google made me head down to this new bakery the next day!

The baker here is an established experienced baker from France named Eran Mayer (note all info henceforth in this para is taken from their website) who spent 20+ years in prestigious French culinary institutes and is a member of the Paris Chamber of Commerce for Professional Artisan Bakers (woah). He sold his successful bakery business in Paris and moved to Singapore! Woah woah.

This is the facade of the restaurant and the decor as you can probably tell is minimalistic with clean lines & brown/yellow colour scheme. When you open the doors, you're greeted with a big square/rectangular table that looks like someone's home haha.

The layout of the pastries + bread is exactly the same as Tiong Bahru Bakery (upcoming trend?) as you can see for yourself below:

From L-R
Eclairs - chocolate, vanilla, coffee flavours
Rhubarb tart (looks like a giant scone!)
Fruit tart
Caramel hazelnut tart (or sth like that. Looks damn sinful, sweet and yummy!)
(forgot what tart this was)
Nectarine tart
Pear & almond tart
Lemon tart

Breads for sale!

The croissant looks damn good!

Array of breads for sale! Brioches are available in many flavours here! They also sell pretzels and give quite a few samples of their bread! Oh there's also quiches :)

Breads for sale! Lotsa sourdough!

Seating space further in

Seating space opp the bread/pastry counter

They also serve coffee, tea, juice and have a sandwich/salad menu though quite limited!

Pear & Almond Tart

Omg SO SO glad I ordered this in the end tgt with the lemon tart! My sights were initially set on lemon tart and was pondering if I should order a 2nd tart. LUCKILY I ordered this! It was so damn good! The boy and I both agreed that this was vvvvv good. We loved the crispy but sturdy and not crumbly tart shell which tasted freshly baked cos it was still crispy! The slight sweetness + nuttiness + crunchyness from the almond meal just brought this tart to a whole new level. Much better than Sophie Bakery's

And the pear, it was so sweet in a pear-fragrance kind of way, not like over the top sweet kind. It was poached (I assume) till it was so soft but still retaining a little bit of crunchyness. Omg the pear... SO GOOD. 

What'd you get when you put a super good tart crust, base, and topping together? A DAMN GOOD TART. So yup I was so glad I chose this :) Little slice of heaven imo :) 5/5

Lemon Tart

This paled slightly in comparison in terms of the tart crust! I dont know if the crust of both are made of diff ingredients but there is a diff in texture between the two. Lemon tart's crust is less crunchy and "fresh" compared to pear tart's. It was also more heavy vs the lighter feel you get from pear tart. The ratio of the tart crust to lemon curd was imbalanced too imo, a tad too much crust for me! Would be better if thinner crust + more curd! The curd was v good though! Not too buttery/eggy/sweet, just the right amount of citrusy sour goodness perfumed with some herb? 

All in all, it was a joy to eat but would be damn good if there was a better crust:curd ratio!!! And well paled in comparison to the awesome pear tart but this was GOOD too! 4.4/5

Cross section

On the table!

The bakery is relatively quiet for now as it opened its doors on 26 Aug and I visited it on 29 Aug. But I guess its only a matter of time before the lines go crazy here! Will likely be back for bread/more pastries!

Till then!

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
118 Killiney Road #01-01 Singapore 239555 
(its opp the row of shophouses and is on the same side as Comcentre. Do note that parking is A BITCH and we saw the summon people there today at about 2ishpm so do take note!!)
Opens everyday 8am-10pm


  1. You'll have to stop overusing the word "good" if you want to write a credible food review...

  2. Have visited the new branch @ Asia Square and was blown off by their food quality. Also, they provide really good service as well!

    Pls check out my version of the review @ soon!


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